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  • Rev. Tarabini wrote today: "...2002 will also witness the first time ever in the history of Nichiren Buddhism that a Tokudo Ceremony will be held on the European continent in which FIVE people will be initiated into the Way for priestly studies and training, becoming the first European novices or Shami. The Ceremony will be held on the 16th and 17th of February at our temple in Germany. Of the participants, two people will be from Germany, two from Italy and one from Great Britain. This ceremony promises to truly mark the initiation of Nichiren Shu Europa."
  • 12/29/01

  • Today the Moscow Times reported that Uzbekistan is actively conserving their pre-Islamic buddhist ruins. "What in the first to seventh centuries was the Kushan Buddhist empire and a crucial East-West crossroads, in a land then known as Bactria, is now part of at least four countries: Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan."
  • 12/25/01

  • CampRoss, the obsessive RingMaster, just adopted three more WebRings, bringing the grand total to 29 WebRings administered by me. Only one is probably of interest in this venue, , which is my first ring devoted to western spiritualities. Thus now I have rings for every religion, except Christianity, the religion of my birth.... Well, if you count the fundamentalist churches listed in my Native Georgian webring, I guess I really do span the full religious spectrum now. ;-}
  • 12/13/01

  • The Strange Saga of Yahoo and WebRing : An Article at
  • 12/05/01

  • In the past month since making the new homepage for my WebRings (both new and old) it has become my #1 most visited webpage. In the past three years, last month was it's busiest month ever with 253 unique visitors. It's busiest day has been changing every few days, but as of this moment, today [12/2] holds the record. I have long used to connect my diverse webpages, but I have recently added more doorways to different rooms in the Coffeehouse to take advantage of this new traffic. []
  • Nichiren's Coffeehouse continues to receive 3-4000 clicks a week, though most months we have under 300 unique visitors. This means that the average visitor surfs more than 100 webpages! (Thank you frequent visitors!) The year 2001 began with the Coffeehouse breaking 100,000 clicks [since 1997] and I suspect it will end the year by exceeding 250,000 clicks. However, the busiest day and week continue to be the week I first scanned and put the Prayer Gohonzon online [8/99] and its busiest month was when I resigned from the SGI [11/99]. []
  • 12/2/01

  • Added our fourth new prisoner from South Dakota to the Buddhist Inmate Sangha.
  • 11/29/01

  • Added yet another Lotus Flower to the Coffeehouse... an off-shoot of Shingon called the Shinnyo-en to |Tantric|. They honour the Mahaparinirvana Sutra as the Buddha's highest teaching.
  • 11/28/01

  • Added our first inmate in Minnesota to the Buddhist Inmate Sangha plus the two Littles in AZ whose info was submitted by their mother.
  • 11/25/01

    Don adopted two more large mainstream WebRings:
  • 11/20/01

  • Added the first inmate in Kentucky to the Buddhist Inmate Sangha plus three new pics of inmates sent to us from KS, MI and SD, as well as other minor updates. I also changed all of our inmate pics from .jpg to .gif to speed up loading time.
  • 11/17/01

  • Indian archaeologists have unearthed two ancient statues of a third century B.C. emperor which are believed to be the first visual representations of the warrior king Ashoka who gave up war to become a Buddhist monk: The Times of India and Lycos.
  • 11/9/01

  • Added a complete list of WebRings now administered by me [15] to and added a link to the text Navigation Bar near the bottom of most webpages in the Coffeehouse: |WebRings|.
  • New egroup created today by Brenda in the UK devoted to Peace in the aftermath of 9/11: Aftermath Days
  • 11/8/01

    Don adopted three old WebRings which are not specifically religious, but quite complimentary:

  • These are WebRings which were abandoned by their RingMaster many moons ago. Come surf a Ring or add your website, if it is appropriate. Two of these are large active Rings which will bring your site (and Nichiren's Coffeehouse ;-) more hits!
  • 11/6/01

    Created two NEW WebRings today:
  • From the Middle East to the Far East
  • Herstorical and Mythical
  • 11/1/01

  • A link to Rev. Tarabini's excellent new essay in english on the Life of Nichiji Shonin, the first disciple of Nichiren to propagate Namu Myoho Renge Kyo outside Japan (in China) was added to Ryuei's History of the Hokke-shu.
  • 10/30/01

  • New Gohonzon added to the Coffeehouse! This old Mandala was found a decade ago in an antique store in Seattle by an SGI member. It appears to be a Nichiren Gohonzon, but it is not in the GohonzonShu.
  • 10/29/01

  • Introducing the NEW Independent Buddhist webpage for Poland! (mostly Polish)
  • Added our first prisoner from KS seeking a pen pal and two new pics sent from inmates in SD & FL to the Buddhist Inmate Sangha.
  • 10/27/01

  • Added the lovely new homepage for the gifted Rev. Zuiun Matsuda of Nichiren Shu: The Wonderful World of Wood Carvings and linked it in my NShu and Buddhas webpages. They are quite striking modern renditions of the characters on the Gohonzon.
  • Updated my webpages in the GohonzonShu for Fudo and Aizen with cool carvings by Zuiun Matsuda, along with the NSIC Dictionary definitions for these two esoteric deities which appear on all Gohonzon in the Nichiren tradition.
  • 10/26/01

  • High Priest Nikken Shonin of Nichiren Shoshu Places Blame for Sept. 11th Attacks on SGI in the 10/1 edition of Emyo (published by Myokanko, an ultra right-wing faction within Nichiren Shoshu which is NOT necesarily representative of NST's orthodox views) of which a local newspaper near the NY temple caught wind and wrote about in today's edition of the Flushing Times.
  • Craig Bratcher's letter to the Author in response to this article was reposted from ARBN to IRG with his permission.
    (For other, more compassionate responses, please see below in September.)
  • 10/25/01

  • Updated the Buddhist Inmate Sangha, adding three new inmates (in NY, FL and IN) who are seeking buddhist pen pals.
  • 10/23/01

  • Today's Barnstable Patriot ran an article called N.Y. Buddhists Offer Alternative Perspectives on Sept.11.
  • 10/19/01

  • Lotus Sutra translations for study and gongyo now online in Arabic, Chinese (Classical), English and Italian on the new Nichiren-shu Italia Sutra webpage. Coming next will be French, Spanish and Hebrew.
  • 10/15/01

  • Dear WebRing Members,
    WebRing is no longer a part of the Yahoo! network.
    What this means to you: You MUST request to have your existing ring and/or participating website(s) transferred to the new WebRing servers. Yahoo!'s "Terms of Service" does not allow member information to be transferred to another entity, including WebRing. If you would like to continue participating in WebRing, you must request to have it transferred by following this link:
    Transfer my existing ring information to the new WebRing servers.
    Please note, your ring/website WILL NOT be transferred automatically, you must follow the link above and complete the transfer process. Rings and Sites not transferred will be lost once the migration period is over (probably 90 days from today). Questions can be best answered by visiting the new . Thanks!
    <<Yahoo! News Brief 10/16>>
  • 10/13/01

  • Announcing: the New Nichiren Shu Italia website created by Rev. Shoryo Tarabini is now ready for the public! It has been added to my NShu links, as well as the first online gongyo translation of the Sutra del Loto into Italiano.
    Note: Italy is the fifth largest country of origin for visitors to the Coffeehouse.
  • 10/10/01

  • Nagarjuna on Prisoner Reform from Buddhist Advice for Living and Liberation.
  • Added the ultra-strict fuju fuse Myomanji Regulations of Belief and Thought of 1451.
  • The Kansho Accord on the Principles of the Dharma of 1466.
  • Added new pics of my Shrine to the Eternal Buddha to CampRoss-ji with a newly framed Prayer Gohonzon, my first one, which I received from a Nichiren Shu priest in Japan in June 1999, via Bruce Maltz when he was still a Kempon Hokke member, and while I was still a member of the SGI. It's been rolled up for over two years while I have been using one made by me.
  • 10/8/01

  • Nichiken's Refuting Nichio and the Niike Gosho dated 1629.
  • 10/7/01

  • Added Nichijo's fuju fuse Myokakuji Regulations of 1413.
  • Also Nichio's Articles of the Various Lotus Sect Lineages Concerning the Refusal of Offerings From Those Who Slander the Dharma by Busshoin Nichio in the early 1600s
  • 10/6/01

  • Changed the emphasis of my Kempon webpage to Fuju Fuse [not giving; not receiving] though the address [and name in the text Nav Bar on every page] will remain the same: | Kempon |
  • 10/5/01

  • SGI-USA representatives participated in an interfaith press conference today at the U.S. Capitol with Democratic and Republican Senate leaders. SGI-USA General Director Danny Nagashima and Bill Aiken, director of the SGI-USA Office of Public Affairs, were invited to join representatives of a variety of faiths in the U.S. Senate's call for religious tolerance in the face of hate crimes following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. [Source: WTexpress]
  • 9/26/01

  • SGI President Ikeda was interviewed by the Mainichi Times today concerning Japan's response to the recent terrorist attacks.
  • 9/25/01

  • Contribution by Daisaku Ikeda for the book From the Ashes, A Spiritual Response to the Attack on America published by Rodale Press.
  • 9/22/01

  • The text of Sankei Shimbun's Interview with SGI President Daisaku Ikeda today.
  • SGI Malaysians Help Out in NYC ~ news article.
  • 9/17/01

    America and the World in Prayer for the Events of 9/11
    May the Eternal Buddha, the all Compassionate One, the possessor of Wonderful Power, enhance the virtue of respecting and loving justice, bestow peace and prosperity on the citizens around the world, happiness and welfare on the people of the world, and transform this world of ours into a Pure Land where we, the children of the Buddha, may enjoy eternal bliss.
    Namu Myoho Renge Kyo
    May those who lost their lives as a result of the events of Tuesday, September 11 come into the presence of the Eternal Buddha, find peace and attain Buddhahood.
    Namu Myoho Renge Kyo
    May those who lost friends and family as a result of the events of September 11 feel the presence of the Compassionate Buddha, overcome their great sorrow, find peace in their hearts, and attain Buddhahood.
    Namu Myoho Renge Kyo
    May we all overcome hatred and bitterness so that justice will be served with a merciful hand and a heart of compassion and understanding for those so blind with suffering and rage that they have forgotten the humanity of themselves and their victims.
    Namu Myoho Renge Kyo
    May the citizens of this world work together as one to overcome the sources of such blindness and suffering and treat not just the symptoms but the deep causes that have given rise to all the violence and terrorism in the world today.
    Namu Myoho Renge Kyo
    May all people relinquish their ancestral and present grudges, relinquish fanaticism, nationalism, racism, ethnocentricsm, fundamentalism, sexism, and all other wrong views which blind people to the buddha-nature of themselves and others.
    Namu Myoho Renge Kyo
    May all beings awaken to the value of life and see the precious buddha-nature in all sentient beings so that this buddha-nature will be protected, nourished, and allowed to flower.
    Namu Myoho Renge Kyo
    May choking weeds of greed, anger, and ignorance be uprooted from our hearts and minds and the fragrant seeds of loving-kindness, compassion, altruistic joy, and peace be sown in their place through the compassionate presence of the Eternal Buddha which is Namu Myoho Renge Kyo so that we may all attain Buddhahood together.
    Namu Myoho Renge Kyo
    Prayer used by the San Jose Nichiren Buddhist Temple.

  • Nichiren Buddhists around the World pray for the victims and their families. One such group in Tokyo, who then went out into the community, was the Nichiren Shu International Group: "After our prayer service, the Tokyo believers then went and placed flowers and a Toba at the gates of the American Embassy. As we chanted the sutra and Odaimoku in unison and prayed for the deceased and for a return to peace in our world, the many on-lookers watched us. We were not the only people to pray, many who went there kneeled down, placed flowers, wept and said silent prayers." [Source: Rev. Tarabini]
  • 9/16/01

  • Today Rissho Kosei-kai President Nichiko Niwano issued a message extending his sincere condolences to all those who were victims of the terrorist attacks, entitled:
    Some Thoughts about the Terrorist Actions against the United States.
  • 9/15/01

    Terrorists Attack New York City and Washington, DC
  • My condolences to all who lost loved ones during the tragic events in Manhatten, at the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania. Let us all please continue chanting Daimoku for everyone's safety in the clean-up and rescue operations.

  • The Nichiren Buddhist community is mourning the loss of SGI-USA senior leader David S. Aoyama, who was killed in Tuesday’s terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York. David was returning to Los Angeles from Boston on official business, when his flight, American Airlines Flt.#11, was hijacked and crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center. [Source: SGI-USA]

  • Message from Nichiren-shu in Japan to America:
    "We, Nichiren Order, would like to express our deepest condolences for the victims of the terrible terrorism in your country. Currently we have two ministers in and around New York. We have already confirmed the safety of those ministers. Yet at this point we still do not know the safety of our members and their families in New York and Pentagon. We hope all Nichiren Buddhists in America are safe." [Source: via John Petry, NONA President]

  • The Justice Chroncicle reported that of forty SGI members known to work at New York's World Trade Center, all but two have been confirmed safe. In addition, Jinzai-net reported that three SGI-USA members are amongst the hundreds of firefighters and police who are missing.

  • Yay, though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, ... fear no evil. Please consider that if we continue to take an eye for an eye, then the entire world may become blind. Let us instead choose a path of non-violence in our thoughts, words and deeds. Justice through the law, yes -- more violence, no. As the Buddha taught in the Dhammapada: "Hatred cannot be appeased by hatred, but by loving-kindness alone."
    Namu Myoho Renge Kyo ~¤~ Nam Myoho Renge Kyo
  • 9/11/01

  • Added the Threefold Refuge Ceremony which we used on 9/1 [see below].
  • 9/9/01

  • Added three new pics of Ryuei and his family shrine. Have you heard the rumor that Jesus and Mary flank his Mandala? Click here to see the truth [or not] with your own eyes.
  • Added a nicer image of the Shutei Gohonzon issued by Nichiren Shu, taken at the Casa de los Dos Amigos in SF.
  • 9/7/01

  • Don visited San Francisco, met Ryuei for the first time in the flesh, took Refuge in the Buddha, the Dharma & the Sangha and officically joined the Myokaku-ji Betsuin Temple of Nichiren Shu at the Casa de los Dos Amigos.
  • 9/1/01

  • Scotty restored Mandala 35 in the GohonzonShu.
  • 8/28/01

  • Don created the Nichiren WebRing: Open to ALL websites on Nichiren and Tendai Buddhism! ;-}
  • 8/27/01

  • Quest for Utopia, a non-official english website by a member of the new Tokyo-based Utopia sect (Kofuku-no-Kagaku) which channnls Nichiren and Nikko, added to Independent.
  • The official webpage for Kokuchukai, the 'Purist Nichiren' sect was added to the Coffeehouse. They split off from Nichiren Shu about a century ago and are completely Independent. Japanese language only.
  • Don's 17th anniversary of becoming a Buddhist (I joined NSA in 1984 when I was 21) and the 2nd anniversary since I began reproducing Nichiren Gohonzons (1999)...;-}
  • 8/25/01

  • Long overdue, I just cleaned up the Kempon Hokke links page, which were 75% bad. ( is still down.)
  • 8/20/01

  • I just finished identifying and linking 79 [out of a possible 172] goshos translated by the Gakkai which I could positively identify as authentic utilizing's SGI's new Writings of Nichiren Daishonin and NShu's list of authentic works. It also now includes links to gosho translations in many Western languages.
  • Compiled the humorous Post Modern Sutra for Opening the Eyes of Wooden and Painted Images inspired in the Gohonzon Forum.
  • 8/15/01

  • At long last! The list of 267 authentic writings of Nichiren Shonin have been added to the Coffeehouse, courtesy of Ryuei and Nichiren Shu, with links to books and online translations, where available.
  • 8/11/01

  • The new webpage for the North Carolina Sangha of Nichiren Shu just went online today!
  • 8/5/01

  • Cody created a yahoo club today to help Stop the SGI/NST Conflict; can now be found in the Discussion Groups.
  • 8/4/01

  • An essay by Ryuei in the Won Buddhist Journal: Theravada, Mahayana and the New Religions: Changing Perspectives in Regard to the Saha World 1998
  • 8/3/01

  • A long essay by Ryuei in the Won Buddhist Journal: Four Debts of Gratitude According to Sot'aesan & Nichiren 1997
  • 8/2/01

  • Two brief articles from Ryuei: Odaimoku as Hua-t'ou and Sole Efficacy of Odaimoku.
  • 8/1/01

  • Article on Soka University in today's NY Times entitled "New West Coast College, Born of the Far East" added to SGI links.
  • 7/25/01

  • New URL added to Tendai with GREAT T'ien T'ai translations by Dieukinh, moderator of the Tientai Yahoo Club.
  • 7/24/01

  • Added the gathas (Q&A 4-6) from Chptr. 12 of the Nirvana Sutra on taking refuge in the Three Treasures of the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha.
  • 7/23/01

  • Link added to my SGI webpage to my official Notice of Independence from SGI-USA on 11/29/99.
  • 7/22/01

  • now has a Nichiren message board which I've added to the Discussions Around the Lotus Pond.
  • 7/21/01

  • An interesting article from on American Buddhism's Racial Divide added to Misc. (SGI & RKK mentioned)
  • 7/17/01

  • New Yahoo club formed today [not by me!] to promote the idea of Reunification of Nichiren Shoshu and SGI, added to Discussions Around the Lotus Pond.
  • 7/16/01

  • Did they chant the Daimoku of the Lotus Sutra in ancient China?
  • Excerpts on the Shuzenji-ketsu Contraversy from an essay by Dr. Stone.
  • 7/15/01

  • Created a new links & resources page for Pure Land Buddhism.
  • Updated BIS and added two new Bodhisattva Inmates who would like a pen pal to learn about Buddhism.
  • 7/13/01

  • Tao-sheng (ca. 360-434) explaining the title of the Lotus Sutra added to the GohonzonShu.
  • 7/8/01

  • The 2nd Q&A [out of ten] in chapter 12 of the Nirvana Sutra on the Buddha Nature uses some familiar analogies including another parable of a good doctor, medicine, a mirror, and a diamond.
  • 7/7/01

  • Ryuei's Letter to Nichiren added to his homepage [written in 1999].
  • 7/4/01

  • Three Americans Ordained at Mt. Minobu a Nichiren Shu News article.
  • 7/3/01

  • Tao-sheng (ca. 360-434) and Chapter 12 of the Nirvana Sutra on the doctrine of the universal Buddha Nature.
  • Don created the Sutra Libraries WebRing for both Theravada & Mahayana teachings. If your website has Sutra specific material, please join the ring!
  • 6/30/01

  • On the Hon-in-myo Dai-honzon and the Three Great Secret Laws from the perspective of a member of Fujisan Honmonji.
  • Don's current Shrine to the Eternal Buddha added to CampRoss-ji.
  • Cleaned up and doubled the number of links to Reiyukai.
  • 6/24/01

  • Unofficial Listing of Publications by Dr. Jacquie Stone added to the Coffeehouse.
  • 6/22/01

  • Don created the Lotus Sutra Net WebRing. If you have a buddhist webpage, please join our new Ring [and remember to add your navigation bar]!
  • 6/21/01

    Three more Miraculous Tales of the Hokekyo added to the Coffehouse:
  • On the Immediate Penalty of Being Given a Twisted Mouth and Death for Speaking Ill of the Monk, Devotee of the Hoke-kyo
  • On the Mother Who Had a Bad Dream, with the Utmost Faith Had a Scripture Recited, and Saved Her Daughter by an Extraordinary Sign
  • On the Death Penalty in This Life of an Evil Son Who Tried to Kill His Mother out of Love for His Wife
  • 6/17/01

    Another three Miraculous Tales of the Hokekyo added:
  • On Gaining an Immediate Penalty for a Lifetime of Catching Fish in a Net
  • On the Reward of Copying the Hoke-kyo and Holding a Service for a Mother in Revealing the Cause of Her Rebirth as a Cow
  • On Practicing the Formula of the Peacock King, and Thereby Gaining an Extraordinary Power to Become a Saint and Fly to Heaven in This Life
  • 6/16/01

  • Scotty restored Mandala 34 in the GohonzonShu.
  • Added a thought provoking excerpt from Young-ho Kim's doctoral thesis Tao-sheng's Commentary on the Lotus Sutra on the topic The Good Deed Entails No Retribution.
  • 6/15/01

  • Taiten Yahoogroup added to the Discussion and links cleaned up.
  • 6/3/01

  • Temple Yields Two 13th Century Nichiren Letters, an article from the Japan Times added to gosho.
  • Scotty restored Mandala 32B in the GohonzonShu.
  • 5/31/01

  • SGI tops the list of a tough, but vague new Anti-Cult Law in France, adding to the conflict.
  • 5/30/01

  • Don's new statue of the Eternal Buddha and Chanterkyo's altar added to CampRoss-ji.
  • 5/26/01

  • A beautiful Black Faced O'Mandara Gohonzon added to CampRoss-ji and How to Acquire Independent Gohonzons.
  • added to NShu and the Boston temple changed domains.
  • 5/22/01

  • BuddhaPunk Yahoo club closed: removed from the Coffeehouse, but placed a link to StrongMedicine's FAQs in Ryuei's Christian FAQs.
  • 5/5/01

  • A pic of Don's current honzon of the Eternal Buddha and Four Bodhisattva's added to CampRoss-ji.
  • 5/3/01

  • SGI's Official Statement concerning the unauthorized reproduction & distribution of Gohonzon within the American Gakkai.
  • 4/30/01

  • Added the complete translation of the Prayer Gohonzon to the Coffeehouse.
  • Added to gosho: new English translations by Martin Bradley of Belgium.
  • Reorganized the SGI webpage and added a new article from Tricycle magazine, Chanting at the Soka Gakkai by Brian Wilson.
  • 4/29/01

  • Added two more experiences from SGI's 1st GLBT Conf. at FNCC to Les-bi-gay.
  • Finished inter-linking J. Stone's explanation of the object of worship with the Coffeehouse.
  • 4/28/01

  • Record of Minobu (Minobu-san Gosho, 1275) added to Gosho.
  • 4/23/01

  • Excerpts from Dr. Stone on Secret Transmissions concerning the Mandala added to the GohonzonShu.
  • 4/22/01

  • Excerpts from Jacquie Stone on the object of worship from her book on Original Enlightenment added to the GohonzonShu.
  • Scotty restored Mandala 32A in the GohonzonShu.
  • 4/20/01

  • Scotty restored Mandala 30 in the GohonzonShu.
  • 4/19/01

  • Leaves left by the divine wind; When all Japan stood united against Kublai Khan, from The Japan Times added to Nichiren
  • Added the Buddhist Manuscript Exhibit in Austria [] to the Sutra Library.
  • 4/18/01

  • Changed urls to & added the Toronto temple to NShu. Removed a few links to specific NBIC articles because I couldn't find their new address.
  • News of a Tibetan Nun who died in prison in February added to Women in Buddhism.
  • Added Rev. Kanai's lectures on the Seven Parables of the Lotus Sutra to Lotus.
  • Teaching Buddhism in the Classroom [McGill] added to Misc.
  • 4/17/01

  • Scotty restored Mandala 27 in the GohonzonShu.
  • The new Yahoogroup Temple Wars was founded by Jerry N & added to Discuss.
  • 4/16/01

  • This What's New webpage was built to help frequent visitors navigate the Coffeehouse.
  • Walking Meditation instructions from were added to Zen.
  • 4/15/01

  • Buddha's Birthday at CampRoss-ji-15: Don's Altar in April 2001
  • 4/8/01

  • Rise of the Soka Gakkai by Ryuei: Makiguchi | Toda | Ikeda
  • 4/8/01

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