Sacred Calligraphy

Click here to download the 14MB bitmap of this Mandala

Ernesto's family altar in 2001

This Mandala was restored and is available through the efforts of Ernesto Borges Torres of the Mystic Lotus Nonsectarian Ministries. In his own words, "I did the cleaning up of it by hand, but I took the results to a professional photographer that I trust to have negatives made. It is this same photographer who then reproduces, to order, the Black Faced O-Mandara Gohonzon for me. The negatives from which this Mandara is reproduced are kept safe by me in my butsudan." [as seen on left]. Click the above Mandala to download a high quality 14.4 MB bitmap image or click here to view the original Mandala from which it was derived.

Ernesto's Mystic Lotus Nonsectarian Ministries in the Nichiren Buddhist Tradition

How to Obtain other Independent Gohonzons

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