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Ryuei at Don's Taking Refuge Ceremony: Sept 1, 2001

The Rev. Ryuei Michael McCormick

Minister of the
Nichiren Buddhist Sangha
of San Francisco, CA

Calendar of Events

Assistant Minister at Myokakuji
Nichiren Buddhist Temple
of San Jose, CA

Minister to the
Independent Movement

Ordained a Priest
by Nichiren Shu at
Minobusan Kuonji, Japan
May 2001

M.A. in Spirituality
from Holy Names College

Online Books
Rev Ryuei

  • The Teaching and Example of the Historical Buddha
  • History of the Hokke Schools
  • Living the Rissho Ankoku Ron: The Prophetic Call of Nichiren for Today also avail in PDF
  • Who's Who on the Shutei Gohonzon? originally written by Ryuei in 2002, it was revamped by the San Jose Myokakuji Betsuin and published in honor of their 25th anniversary under the name Lotus World (sold below).
  • Books for Sale
    by the
    Nichiren Buddhist Temple of San Jose

    Ryuei's manuscript on Nichiren Shu Buddhism: Dharma Flower!

    Ryuei's extensive self-published manuscript, Dharma Flower: The Faith, Teaching and Practice of Nichiren Buddhism is available in a spiral bound format. For those interested, the cost is $25 including shipping within the USA, or $30 to ship international. Please make the check or money order out to the Rev. Michael McCormick.

    Lotus World by Rev. Ryuei
    Lotus World: an Illustrated Guide to the Gohonzon
    The most comprehensive guide to Nichiren's Lotus Sutra Mandala in the english language by the Rev. Ryuei Michael McCormick and the Nichiren Buddhist Temple of San Jose in 2005.
    Includes a framable 8x10 Pictoral Gohonzon!

    Donation: $15
    To order books and/or CDs
    Please mail your check or money order
    Plus $5 for shipping
    Made out to:

    Nichiren Buddhist Temple
    of San Jose
    3570 Mona Way
    San Jose, CA 95130

    Most other books published by Nichiren Shu can also be purchased through the San Jose temple.

    If you have any questions,
    please Email Ryuei for more info!
    Lotus Seeds by Ryuei
    Lotus Seeds: The Essence of Nichiren Shu Buddhism

    by the Rev. Ryuei Michael McCormick and the Nichiren Buddhist Temple of San Jose. 2000.

    Donation: $10
    2 Lotus Sutra Chanting CDs!
    A Gongyo CD set The Lotus Sutra: Myokakuji Betsuin introduces this wonderful new CD with the Chanting of the Lotus Sutra in English and Sino-Japanese for your chanting at home or as a gift for a friend; used in conjunction with the chanting book (sold separately).
    Donation: $15 for the 2 CDs
    Sacred Services of Nichiren Shu
    Sacred Services of Nichiren Shu
    published by the San Jose Nichiren Buddhist Temple. 1999.

    Donation: $5 for this pocket size booklet which includes gongyo in english and sino-japanese.

    Ryuei's Gohonzon: 2001

    The Rev. Ryuei's Lotus Sutra Shrine

    On the right is Avalokitesvara in her manifestation as the
    Chinese Goddess Kwan-yin with the Lion of Manjusri in front of her.
    In the center is the small but cherished Lotus Sutra Mandala which
    Ryuei originally received from his Sensei, the Ven. Ryusho Matsuda.
    On the left, the Good Shepherd from China and an Elephant
    represents Bodhisattva Univeral Virtue (Samantabhadra).

    Myokakuji Betsuin Temple Schedule

    3570 Mona Way, San Jose, CA 95130 USA

    Regular Sundays

  • 1st: 10 am Meditation; 10:40 am Shakyo Class; 11:30 am Buddhist Brunch
  • 2nd: 10 am, Sunday Service (Chanting the Lotus Sutra and Odaimoku)
  • 3rd: 10 am, Shodaigyo Medition (Chanting Odaimoku)
  • 4th: 10 am, Sunday Service (Chanting the Lotus Sutra and Odaimoku)
  • 5th: No service
  • San Francisco-North Bay Pan-Sectarian Ministries

    Please email me at SRyuei@aol.com for more details.

  • Every Sunday afternoon from 3 to 4:30 PM all are welcome to convene at the "Faithful Fools" Meditation Hall at 230 Hyde St. in SF for a period of prayer and silent meditation followed by discussion on compassion, spiritual development, and insight into the nature of our lives in this world. Those who wish to do so may remain afterwards for a special Buddhist service from 4:30 to 5 PM featuring the recitation of portions of the Lotus Sutra and the chanting of Namu Myoho Renge Kyo as an offering for all those in need of prayer.
  • Monthly Pan-Sectarian Nichiren Buddhist meetings in Marin County. All are welcome regardless of affiliation or lack thereof. Gongyo and group discussion from 6 to 8 PM, generally on the last Sunday of each month.
  • Monthly Sutra Salon meetings in SF to discuss the Vinaya, generally on the 4th Friday of each month, in affiliation with Dharmajim's Way of the Scholar Sage a 16 year Sutra study program.
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