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Gohonzon issued by Nikken Shonin, 67th HP of Nichiren Shoshu

This Gohonzon is issued by Nikken Shonin, the 67th [and current] High Priest of Nichiren Shoshu. The arrows point to the two passages uttered by Kishimojin in the Lotus Sutra which appear on the DaiGohonzon and are, in fact, the distinguising feature of the Gohonzons in the Nichiren Shoshu tradition. On the right is the phrase "Those who vex and trouble [the practitioners of the Law] will have their heads split into seven pieces." While on the left is, "Those who make offerings will gain good fortune surpassing the ten honorable titles [of the Buddha]."

Nittatsu Gohonzon Nittatsu Gohonzon

This Gohonzon was transcribed by Nittatsu Shonin, the 66th High Priest of Taisekiji and Nichiren Shoshu, who is remembered by many to have always had a smile upon his face. It is the 2nd most common Mandala in Nichiren Shoshu, though it has vitually disappeared amongst its active membership in the past decade, in many cases being replaced with a larger silk Nikken Gohonzon. While this Mandala is honoured by both the SGI and Nichiren Shoshu, it is no longer issued by either group. It is now found mostly amongst independent Nichiren Buddhists. It is, however, still issued by the Shoshinkai.

Now, due to popular demand and a quirk of fate, this Great Mandala is available in a high quality 5MB bitmap, suitable for printing. A "virgin" Nittatsu Gohonzon was recently found and adopted by an independent buddhist, somewhere in California... a Gohonzon which was long ago bestowed upon a woman on her death bed. Thus it was never enshrined nor chanted to until the Summer of 2002. It is in excellent condition.

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