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We are an independent interfaith Sangha dedicated to providing spiritual support for Buddhists behind bars. We currently donate Buddhist books, magazines, videos and audio cassettes to prisons and inmates around the country upon request. Your donations of new or used books and literature on Buddhism and Eastern Philosophy are what make this possible! Thank you to ALL who have in the past or will in the future mail study materials to an inmate; or if you prefer, you can mail them to ChanterKyo/Betty for distribution:

Buddhist Inmate Sangha
Betty Lu Buck
PO Box 6517
Brookings, OR 97415 USA

Please visit our Homepage! This webpage will continue to be for BIS Links and Resources, however the homepage and inmate/pen-pal listings have moved elsewhere. If you would like to know what more you can do for these Bodhisattva-Inmates, please join our discussion group!

Links and Resources

A Stupa of Faith-based Programs

A Cyclone of Politics, Activism & the News

Naljor Creations
BPF Prison Project
NEW Bodhi House PA
ZMM Prison Program
Buddhism Behind Bars
Brothers of Light Taicho
Prison Dharma Still Point
EBS Jusan Prison Project
Strawberry Dragon Zendo
Upaya Prison Program NM
Free Inward Journey Books
Shambhala Prison Community
Nagarjuna on Prisoner Reform
Vipassana Meditation in Prison
Buddhist Inmate Sangha Yahoo!
Free Publications BMSM.org.my
Endless Light Buddhist Seminary
Atlanta Soto Zen Prison Outreach
Ecumenical Buddhist Prison Sangha
Religious Freedom Resources Links
Chicken Soup for the Prisoner's Soul
Prison-Ashram Project HumanKindness.org
Human Rights & Zen Practice for Prisoners

Support for Inmates' Buddhist Practice NYtimes
Moratorium on the Death Penalty Petition
Dept of Corrections Inmate Search
Human Rights Watch Prisons 2001
HIV/Hep Education Prison Program
CRUZ v. BETO, 405 U.S. 319 1972
The Stanford Prison Experiement
US Govt Agencies on the WWW
Politically Correct Punishment
RadioProject.org Prison Desk
Doing Time, Doing Vipassana
Prison Reform Unity Project
Bureau of Justice Statistics
NEW DeathPenaltyInfo.org
Meditation, Not Prisons
Mother Jones on Prisons
Prisoners' Rights ACLU
Inmate Story Tom101

Access to Prisons
Tookie's Corner

BIS Homepage Our Yahoo! Discussion Group Database of Bodhisattva Inmates Prison Sangha Links and Resources

Our inmate and donor archives are now housed in our Yahoo Group database and are therefore only available to group members. However, anyone can join the group as easy as 1-2-3!
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Click here to learn how to obtain Gohonzons for inmates who practice in the Nichiren tradition

Books on Buddhism in Prison

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