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'Ichinen Sanzen Gohonzon' inscribed by Nichiren  with passages from Miao-lo about Ichinen Sanzen: CLICK HERE to learn more.

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The Great Calming and Contemplation: A Study and Annotated Translation of the First Chapter of Chih-I's Mo-Ho Chih-Kuan (Classics in East Asian Buddhism) by Neal Donner, Daniel B. Stevenson. Hardcover Apr 1993.

Foundations of T'Ien-T'Ai Philosophy: The Flowering of the Two Truths Theory in Chinese Buddhism by Paul L. Swanson. Paperback Dec 1995.
T'ien-T'ai Buddhism and Early Madhyamika by Ju-Chun Wu. Paperback Nov 1993.

T'ien-T'ai Buddhism and Early Madhyamika by Ng Yu-Kwan. Hardcover Nov 1993.

Original Enlightenment and the Transformation of Medieval Japanese Buddhism (Studies in East Asian Buddhism) by Jacqueline Ilyse Stone Hardcover Oct 1999.
Re-Visioning 'Kamakura' Buddhism (Studies in East Asian Buddhism, 11) by Richard K. Payne (Editor). Hardcover Sep 1998. Paperback Sep 1998. Includes an excellent artice by Jacqueline Stone on Chanting the August Title of the Lotus Sutra: Daimoku Practices in Classical and Medieval Japan.

Collected Teachings of the Tendai Lotus School [Tendai Hokke Shu Gishu] by Gishin [2nd HP of Mt Hiei]. Tr by Paul Swanson. Numata Center for Buddhist Translation & Research. Hardcover Apr 1996.
A Study of Nagarjuna's Twenty Verses on the Great Vehicle (Mahayanavimsika) and His Verses on the Heart of Dependent Origination by R. C. Jamieson, Nagarjuna Mahayanavimsaka, Nagarjuna pratityasamutp. Hardcover Dec 1999.
Homa Rites and Mandala Meditation in Tendai Buddhism by Michael R. Saso. Hardcover Feb 1991

Nagarjuna and the Philosophy of Openness by Nancy McCagney, Nancy McGagney, Nagarjuna Mulamadhyamakakarika. Hardcover Oct 1997. Paperback Oct 1997.

Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo

The Essentials of the Eight Traditions and The Candle of the Latter Dharma by Saicho (Dengyo Daishi) tr. Numata Center for Buddhist Translation & Research. Hardcover Dec 1994
The Fundamental Wisdom of the Middle Way: Nagarjuna's Mulamadhyamakakarika by Nagarjuna, Jay L. Garfield (Translator). Hardcover Jun 1995. Paperback Nov 1995.
Nagarjuna in China: A Translation of the Middle Treatise (Studies in Asian Thought and Religion, Vol 18) by Pingala, Brian Bocking, Vimalaksa, Nagarjuna Madhyamakarika. Hardcover Jun 1995.

Jeweled-stupa mandala of Ryuhonji at Nara National Museum.
Detail from the scrolls of the Ryuhonji jeweled-stupa mandala, showing the two Buddhas seated together in the stupa. Nara National Museum.
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