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Don Ross in June 2000. Photo taken by George Bailey during an AIDS Quilt Dedication at the St. Francis Chapel at the Historic San Diego Mission


San Diego, CA

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CampRoss-ji-ha Nichiren-shu

"Now that we have entered the Latter Day, an object of worship should be made of the true Buddha flanked by his original attendants, since this is the most appropriate time according to the BuddhaÂ’s golden words."
- Nichiren (Establishing the Four Bodhisattvas as the Object of Worship)

Don's Gohonzon in April 2003
Don's Gohonzon in April 2003, lower level
Don's * Post-Modern * Multi-Cultural *
3D Hokke Honzon in April 2003
Hillcrest 92103
32.7476"N, 117.1677"W
TOP ROW: The Eternal Buddha is represented here by the Prayer Gohonzon inscribed by Nichiren Shonin in 1277 in Japan and the large Bodhisattva/Buddha from Thailand, which is then flanked by the four leaders of the Bodhisattvas of the Earth who appeared during the Ceremony in Open Space. From RIGHT to LEFT they are: (1) Boundless Conduct (Muhengyo) and (2) Superior Conduct (Jogyo) are represented by buddhas from the Theravadan country of Thailand. (3) Pure Conduct (Jyogyo) is represented by a Mongolian White Tara. (4) Steadfast Conduct (Anryugyo) is represented by an androgenous Kwan-yin from China. To the right and left of the DaiMandala, respectively, are two halographs drawn by St. Nichiren in 1254 after Fudo Myo'o and Aizen Myo'o visited him in a dream. Behind the buddha candle is a New Year's Ofuda from Myokakuji and on the far left is my Chenrezig Mandala (Avalokitesvara).

BOTTOM ROW: Two stupas are on the right (the Western Pure Land and the Pure Land of Eagle Peak); Nichiren Shonin (from Sacred Source) is in the center; Nichiren is flanked by Shakyamuni; and the Buddha is in turn guarded by the Demon Mother Kishimojin, here represented in her western manifestation as a troll from Norway.

Don's Pilgrimages and Galleries

April 22, 2003. Attended an SGI-USA daimoku toso this morning at a friend's home in Sebastopol, CA. It was good to see some old friends there, in my hometown.

April 19, 2003. Drove to San Francisco with Dharmajim to meditate and study a Sutta in the Castro, and then we studied the Gosho with Ryuei over lunch. It was a nice day to spend with my two favorite clergy. A pic of Jim and his Traveling Mandala can now be found on my Zen page.

September 22, 2002. Visited the Myokakuji Temple in San Jose for the first time and witnessed an old friend, Jim Wilson (Dharmajim) convert to Nichiren Shu. Visited with many good friends from the net. Photo Gallery

September 14, 2002. Attended a public lecture by the Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh held at the San Diego Civic Center, called "Refreshing Ourselves: Touching the Wonders of Life." It was an enjoyable afternoon learning breathing meditation, chanting the name of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva (by the monks and nuns) and a lecture by the Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh, who has a monastery about an hour north of here called Deer Park Monastery.

August 1, 2002. Attended the Nichiren Shu Dharma Circle held at the Casa de los Dos Amigos (Myokakuji Sangha) in San Francisco, CA, where we studied the life of the Buddha. It was so nice to be amongst friends and in a place where I felt totally comfortable. This reinforced my belief that I had made the right decision a year ago to join this particular Sangha, even if they are 500 miles from my home. Photo Gallery

July 29, 2002. Visited the SGI-USA Redwood Coast Community Center for the first time in Santa Rosa, CA, where I practiced for my first 12 years as a Buddhist (1984-1996). Enjoyed the conversation of many old friends, most of whom I had not seen since long before I left the Gakkai. It was so nice to be welcomed with the open arms of friendship (rather than the closed doors I still receive from the San Diego Gakkai).

Father's Day Weekend, June 15-16, 2002. Went to a party in Long Beach on Saturday night, enjoying the conversation of some long term SGI and Nichiren Shoshu members. On Sunday morning, I went up to the Los Angeles Nichiren Shu temple where I did the Shodaigyo Meditation for the first time in a group.

April 14, 2002. Drove 100 miles with a friend to Japantown in Los Angeles to attend the Hanamatsuri Celebration of the Buddha's Birth (April 8th), an interfaith event sponsored by the Los Angeles Buddhist Church Federation, of which the LA Nichiren Shu Temple is an active member. The keynote speaker was the author of the well-known book, Fire in the Lotus, the Rev. Daniel Montgomery. He gave an enjoyable talk about the future of Buddhism in America. We had a chance to visit with him afterward and he is a very nice man.

February 13, 2002. Participated in the Thousand Buddha Chanting Service to bring in the Chinese New Year at Hsi Fang (link below), a Ch'an temple in San Diego, CA. This was my third visit to this temple a few blocks from my home, and the 2nd time I joined them for this specific ceremony, which is only chanted once a year.

Nichiren Buddhist Sangha of San Francisco, CA
Nichiren Shu

Met Ryuei and his family and took Refuge in the Three Treasures at the Casa de los Dos Amigos ~ Sept 1, 2001

Hsi Fang Temple, San Diego, CA
Buddha's Light Int'l Association

2001 Year of the Serpent Chinese New Year's Celebration at a Ch'an temple

CampRoss-ji-ha Hokke-shu
California Cyberspace

Stylized Prayer Gohonzons
Prayer Gohonzon Chanting Room
AIDS Memorial for Wes Goetzel July 16
Don's Gohonzon Gallery Exploring a New Mythos via Buddhist Iconography

Nichiren Buddhist Temple of Los Angeles, CA
Nichiren Shu

Buddha's Parinirvana & Nichiren's Birthday Service Feb 2000
O'Higan Ceremony for the Vernal Equinox Mar 2000

Myoren-ji, Fujinomiya, Japan
Currently affiliated with Nichiren Shoshu
Formerly considered a Head Temple in its own right

Myorenji Info Booklet
Photos by Wes Goetzel c. 1989

Taiseki-ji, Fujinomiya, Japan
Head Temple of Nichiren Shoshu

Tozan Apr 1989
Ode to ShoHondo - In Memorium [1972-1998]

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from Baptist to Buddhist & the Beyond;
or, Tales of a Spiritual Deviant

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Miss Magic at Don's Computer
Miss Magic, Laptop Buddha and Don Quixote

My altar in December 1999, just after I announced my Independence from Sectarian Buddhism. This Nichiren Prayer Gohonzon is available from the Independent Movement and others.... The Medicine King Butsudan was custom made by Victory Butsudan.

The brass Buddha inside the butsudan is Guatama Buddha (Shakyamuni) from the Indian tradition, which I obtained at my neighborhood Ch'an temple, Hsi Fang. Ancient Treasures (Taho) Buddha stands to the right. Can you see him? He is represented by a standing antique teak Thai Buddha [try to say that three times fast!] which is the same height as the DaiMandala. Namu Myoho Renge Kyo!

CLICK HERE to see the Two Buddhas better

When I first received my Gohonzon from Kempon Hokke

This is my altar shortly after I received my Nichiren Gohonzon from Japan in the Summer of 1999, framed in a gold matte, exactly as seen here. As one can see [especially with the large Gohonzon] NO butsudan is needed, unless one so desires.

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Don Ross at his computer
Don Ross at his home computer in December 2000

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