How To Acquire a Gohonzon Outside of Sectarian Buddhism

Independent Nichiren Buddhism

Since the Summer of 1999, Gohonzon Mandalas in the Nichiren tradition have been available from a number of sources outside of traditional and organized religious movements.

Independent Prayer Gohonzon by Nichiren [1277]

This Mandala, known as the Prayer Gohonzon (a.k.a., Medicine Gohonzon) was inscribed by Nichiren Shonin in 1277 for his first disciple, Nissho.
[Authentication and Transcription]

High resolution images now available online:
8"x10".bmp [2MB] | 18"x23".tif [1MB] | 42"x50".tif [50MB]

Lithographic Reproductions

Since the Prayer Gohonzon arrived from Japan in the USA in 1999, it has spread via the Independent Movement to England, Northern Ireland, Wales, France, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, Israel, Nigeria, India, Singapore, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, Canada & elsewhere.

In 1999, Don Ross reproduced over 1000 Prayer Gohonzons from a large copy which he received from the Most Rev. Senchu Murano shortly before he passed away in Kamakura, via Bruce Maltz. Don has since gifted them to individuals and Buddhist temples around the world. Outside of Japan, it has spread across sectarian lines in Nichiren Shu, Kempon Hokke, SGI, Reiyukai, Nipponzan Myohoji and even some Theravadan, Tibetan, Zen & Pure Land Buddhists. This Mandala can still be found from a variety of people on the Net, but it is probably easiest to print your own [see below].

Prison Ministries:
The Buddhist Inmate Sangha is an interfaith group of Buddhists working together to provide spiritual support for incarcerated Bodhisattvas.

The Buddhist Inmate Sangha

black and gold, wood or acrylic

Wooden Gohonzons for the Laity
from 5"x7" up to 15"22"
in wood and acrylic
Make your own with images from the Gohonzon Restoration Project and the Gohonzon Shu!
[See below]

wooden 5x7 prayer gohonzon

Japanese Scroll Gohonzons

There is currently only one source in America to receive a scroll type Gohonzon [other than by joining some org or temple]. There is a buddhist accessories store that is NOT affiliated with any sect, which sells a silk Gohonzon in the Nichiren tradition. It is the scroll on the right. Regular and large sizes are available. It is NOT a Nichiren Gohonzon, but it is very similar to the Shutei Mandala of Nichiren Shu.

Buy a Gohonzon by phoning or visiting:

2140 W. Artesia Blvd, Ste. M
Torrance, CA 90504
Tel: (310) 366-7875
Fax: (310) 366-6920

Kaiundo's Homepage

Gohonzon from Kaiyundo Co. in Torrence, CA

Yet More Gohonzon Options...
A Do-It-Yourself Gohonzon!

Click here to see this Gohonzon in an altar
This is recommended ONLY for those who choose to practice Independent of Sectarian Buddhism.

Modern technology has come to the place where many homes can now print their own Gohonzon. All one needs is a photo quality printer and photo paper. First, look thru the GohonzonShu, the Gohonzon Restoration Project, or Gohonzon Info to find a Mandala you like. Many of the better images, have larger, higher quality images embedded into it (just click on the image to download). When you find the Gohonzon you like, print it, frame it like a picture, then put it in a butsudan or simply hang it on your wall, creating your altar area beneath it. For those who wish to create their own Japanese style scroll Gohonzon, some blank scroll supplies are listed below. Enjoy your sense of freedom and Good Fortune to you on your Path! If you would like the Gohonzon on the left, now known as the Black Faced Mandara, please contact Ernesto of the Mystic Lotus Nonsectarian Ministries for more information.
Click here to BUY this NEW statue of Nichiren available from Sacred Source!

Have you been looking for a statue of Nichiren Daishonin to add to your Gohonzon?

At long last, there is an affordable statue made in America! Working with various Nichiren Buddhists, Sacred Source has developed & is now selling this 7.5 inch statue of the priest Nichiren, our Founder, who lived in 13th century Japan. [Nichiren's Bio]

There is also a smaller but more colorful statue of Nichiren made in Japan and is available from Kaiundo. However, it is much more expensive. You can see this statue on a home altar by visiting the Dragon Mountain Temple.

Resources for Finding & Creating Your New Gohonzon

Kaiundo Co.
Gohonzon Forum
Independent Movements
Sangha for Independents
Download Gohonzon .pdfs
Chopa Imports blank scrolls
Daimoku & Gohonzon Posters
Great Mandala Eye Opening Ceremony
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