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Independent Buddhists
mostly Nichiren Buddhist, but not all

The American Independent Hokke Shu, practicing with the Lotus Sutra in hand
The Tendai~Hokke~Nichiren Web
Nichiren Shonin (1222-1282)

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Open to all sites that
honour the Lotus Sutra:
Tendai, Nichiren & more!

The Prayer Gohonzon of the Rainbow Tribe. This is the first full size replica of the Prayer Gohonzon ever enshrined outside of Japan.

This page is dedicated to the Bodhisattvas who practice Independent of sectarian Buddhism, as well as a few cool sights by Buddhists of varying persuassions.

The future site of the Lake County Peace Pagoda sponsored by Nichiren's Coffeehouse and the Independent Movement

Once upon a time there were a small group of Buddhists who lived on a mountain. A War broke out in the flatlands and the armies were recruiting soldiers far and wide. The mountain people didn't believe in war so they refused to enlist. The soldiers came from far and wide to get them to fight their war, but they continued to resist. One day there appeared two spiritual friends who walked the Good Red Road with the Lakota Sioux. The sun was shining bright as they sat together under the trees. Directly above, there appreared in the sky a giant rainbow for all to see. The neighbors came and asked in wonder, "How can there be a rainbow when there is no sign of rain?" Another asked "How can it just be there, upside down, in the bright sun?" We stood together in awe and wonder at the upside down rainbow. No one said a word. It was there for hours which seemed to stand still with time. When the rainbow began to fade, the wise Lakota woman spoke. "In the spirit world the rainbow is right-side up We are seeing it's refelction here. It is a symbol of peace. From today forward you are the Rainbow Tribe gifted by the grandfathers to walk the Road of Peace." The Independent Movement was born from that rainbow. One soldier stayed behind and joined the quest for peace, then another and another and another.... We have walked a long and difficult path together planting seeds along the Way. Like Lotus flowers, the seeds are Emerging from the Earth.
The Endless Beginning ~ Carmen Shakuca of Lake County, CA

(above) NEW Site of the future Lake County Peace Pagoda sponsored by Nichiren's Coffeehouse and the Independent Movement at the Amerine Retreat Center near Clear Lake, the birthplace of the Independent Movement. Looking to buy inexpensive ranch land in California a few miles from a Peace Pagoda and spiritual retreat center?

(right) The spectacular view from the site of our future Buddhist Peace Pagoda with Mount Saint Helena in the distance, the tallest mountain in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Photos courtesy of Rev Jill Nelson

The spectacular view from the future site of the Lake County Peace Pagoda sponsored by Nichiren's Coffeehouse and the Independent Movement

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All branches, leaves and flowers of Buddhism are welcome
in this large interfaith WebRing.

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The Nichiren Prayer Gohonzon has been lithographed by the Independent Movement. It is available from a loose network of people in the USA, the UK and elsewhere. Some individuals are affiliated with organized religion, some are not.

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  • How to Acquire Independent Gohonzons
  • Official SGI Policy Concerning the PG
  • Nichiren Prayer Gohonzon

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