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Nichiji Shonin (1250-1305)
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Nichiji (1250-1305) was also the son of a samurai. He became a novice at Jissoji Temple, where Nikko met Nichiren Shonin. In 1270, he met Nikko and became his disciple. Nikko then took Nichiji to see Nichiren Shonin in Kamakura, and allowed him to become Nichiren Shonin's direct disciple. In 1280 he founded a practice hall in Mimatsu, his home town. This would later become the Reneiji Temple. After Nichiren Shonin's death, he decided to go overseas to fulfill his master's dream of restoring the true teaching of the Buddha to China and India. On October 13, 1294 he attended Nichiren Shonin's memorial service at Kuonji for the last time. On January 1, 1295 he began his jouney to China. He is believed to have passed away in Senka, China. Nichiji did not found a lineage, but he is considered the patron saint of foreign missionaries by the Nichiren Shu.

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Online Temples Associated with Nichiji:
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