Index of Books & Essays
by Jacqueline Ilyse Stone, Ph.D.

This webpage is not affiliated with Dr. Jacqueline Stone in any manner. It is provided here as a community service, because Dr. Stone has become one of the most commonly sought resources in the Buddha Dharma archives at Nichiren's Coffeehouse, an Associate. She is currently an Associate Professor at Princeton University in their Dept. of East Asian Studies.


Major Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, Volume One. Nichiren Shoshu International Center: Tokyo. 1979. [Jacquie was on the Gosho Translation Committee for this first volume.]


Jacquie's doctoral thesis: Some Disputed Writings in the Nichiren Corpus: Textual, Hermeneutical and Historical Problems. UMI Dissertation Services for loose-leaf copies; or call 1-800-521-0600 to obtain a soft- or hard-bound volume of her doctoral thesis: Order #9105837.
  • Happiness In This World Three Translations
  • Abutsubo Gosho also known as On the Treasure Tower
  • 1990


    Original Enlightenment and the Transformation of Medieval Japanese Buddhism (Studies in East Asian Buddhism) Hardcover .


    Re-Visioning "Kamakura" Buddhism (Studies in East Asian Buddhism, 11). Richard K. Payne (Editor). Hardcover and Paperback Includes an excellent essay by Jacqueline Stone on "Chanting the August Title of the Lotus Sutra: Daimoku Practices in Classical and Medieval Japan".


    Journal of

  • Review of: David A. Snow, Shakubuku: A Study of the Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist Movement in America, 1960–1975; Jane Hurst, Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism and the Soka Gakkai in America: The Ethos of a New Religious Movement. .pdf file
  • Dec

  • Rebuking the enemies of the Lotus: Nichirenist exclusivism in historical perspective. .pdf file
  • Summer

  • Medieval Tendai hongaku thought and the new Kamakura Buddhism: A reconsideration. .pdf file
  • Spring

  • Some Reflections on Critical Buddhism (Review article: Hubbard and Swanson, Pruning the Bodhi Tree). .pdf file
  • Spring

    Revisting Nichiren Special Edition. Guest editor, with three articles:
  • Revisiting Nichiren: Editors' Introduction. (.pdf file including Nichiren Bibliography and Chronology, and a Memorial on Takagi Yutaka)
  • Placing Nichiren in the "Big Picture": Some Ongoing Issues in Scholarship .pdf file
  • Review article: Biographical Studies of Nichiren .pdf file
  • Fall

  • Review of: Hayami Tasuku, Inseiki no Bukkyo. .pdf file
  • Spring

  • Review of: Sueki Fumihiko, Kamakura Bukkyo keisei ron. .pdf file
  • Spring

    Course Outlines

  • Nichiren and the Lotus Såtra
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