Don's New Buddha
from Thailand
May 2001

Don's New Buddha from Thailand!

Don's shrine in May 2001

Don's * Post-Modern * Multi-Cultural *
3D Hokke Honzon in May 2001

The Eternal Buddha is represented by the Nichiren Prayer Gohonzon and a 27" sitting Buddha from Thailand, which is then flanked by the four leaders of the bodhisattvas of the earth who first appeared in chapter fifteen of the Lotus Sutra. From RIGHT to LEFT they are: (1) Boundless Conduct (Muhengyo) represented by a standing buddha from the Theravadan country of Thailand. According to Tendai-Hokke kuden texts, this bodhisattva represents the enlightened virtue of eternity and the universal element of wind. (2) Superior Conduct (Jogyo) is represented by a brass buddha from India, which in turn represents one's true self and the fire of wisdom. (3) Pure Conduct (Jyogyo) is represented by Tara, Mother of the Buddhas from Tibet, who now represents purity and the water of wisdom. (4) Steadfast Conduct (Anryugyo) is represented by an androgenous Kwan-yin from China, who here represents the virtue of happiness and the earth element. A black faced Mandara is on the left behind the two Avalokitesvaras.

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