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  • Adittapariyaya & Anattalakkhana Suttas The Fire Sermon and Characteristics of Nonself
  • Aladaddupama-sutta Parable of the Raft
  • Buddhacarita The Life of the Buddha
  • Culamalunkya-sutta Parable of the Poison Arrow
  • Dhammacakkappavattaana-sutta Setting in Motion the Wheel of the Dhamma
  • The story of Dona the Brahmin from the Numerical Discourses
  • Kalama-sutta The Sutra Given to the Kalamas
  • Mahasatipatthana-sutta The Greater Discourse on the Foundations of Mindfulness
  • Mahasihanada-sutta The Greater Discourse on the Lion's Roar
  • Sigalaka-sutta Advice to Sigala
  • Dharmajim

  • Anuruddha Sutta Eternity & LiberationNew
  • Cuu.lasakuludaayi Sutta The Shorter Discourse to SkauludaayinNew
  • Namu Myohorengekyo, Namas to the Eternal Buddhas! Click here to see enlargement...

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    Buddhism: Flammarion Iconographic Guides (Flammarion Iconographic Guides) by Louis Frederic, Nissim Marshall. Hardcover Nov 1995. Paperback Oct 1995.

    Lessons of the Lotus: Practical Spiritual Teachings of a Traveling Buddhist Monk by Bhante Y. Wimala. Paperback Dec 1997.

    Nirvana and Other Buddhist Felicities: Utopias of the Pali Imaginaire (Cambridge Studies in Religious Traditions, No 12) by Steven Collins. Hardcover May 1998.
    The Work of Kings: The New Buddhism in Sri Lanka by H. L. Seneviratne. Hardcover Mar 2000. Paperback Mar 2000.

    Divine Revelation in Pali Buddhism by Peter Masefield. Paperback Jul 1995.

    A Comprehensive Manual of Abhidhamma by Bhikkhu Bodhi. Hardcover Jan 1993.

    Abhidhamma Studies: Buddhist Explorations of Consciousness and Time by Nyanaponika Thera, Nyanaponika, Bhikkhu Bodhi. Paperback Mar 1998.
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