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Shodaigyo NShu
Ten Bulls
Darani Kyo
Ch'an Buddhism UK
Sit Down & Shut Up Taigen
Fo Guang Shan Taiwan
Zen Hospice Project SF
Pure Land Buddhism Ecommerce Canada
The Gateless Gate Koans
Hanazono University IRIZ
Dharmajim's Sutra Salon
What is Meditation? FWBO Shin & Zen Today's Koan
Developing Samadhi Tibetan
Meditative Practices Tendai
Chogye Int'l Zen Center NYC
Buddhist Protests in Vietnam
Walking Meditation Wildmind
Odaimoku as Hua-t'ou Ryuei
Zen & the Lotus Sutra Ryuei
Zen in the Art of... Bookstore
Teachings of Hsuan Hua SFSU
The Practice of Zazen Sotozen
Mountains & Rivers Order Zen
Empty Gate Zen Center Berkley
Zen Masters on the Lotus Sutra
Dogen's Hokke-ten-Hokke 1241
The Reluctant Messenger on Zen
Dharma Rain Zen Center Stillpoint
American Institute for Mindfulness
A View of the Lankavatara Zenmar
Yogacara Buddhism Research Assoc.
Become Your Own Therapist Tibetan
Hakuin's Letter to a Hokke Nun 1747
Loving Kindness Meditation for Children
Sanbo Kyodan Zen Heritage of Western Zen
Becoming a Buddha in This Very Life Shingon
The Practice Of The Three Mysteries Shingon
The Path of Concentration & Mindfulness Theravada
Chih-i's The Great Calm-Observation Mo-ho Chih-kuan
The Four Graces According to Sot'aesan & Nichiren Ryuei

Hsi Fang Temple in San Diego: click here to view Don's photos of the temple

Chinese New Year in a Ch'an Temple 2001

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The Blooming of a Lotus: Guided Meditation Exercises for Healing & Transformation by Thich Nhat Hanh, Annabel Laity (Translator).Paperback May 1997.

How to Grow a Lotus Blossom or How a Zen Buddhist Prepares for Death by Jiyu Kennett. Shasta Abbey. 2nd Edition.

Lessons of the Lotus: Practical Spiritual Teachings of a Traveling Buddhist Monk by Bhante Y. Wimala. Paperback Dec 1997.

Lotus in the Fire: The Healing Power of Zen by Jim Bedard. Paperback Feb 1999.
Moon in a Dewdrop: Writings of Zen Master Dogen by Zen Master Dogen, Kazuaki Tanahashi (Editor), Eihei Dogen. Paperback Oct 1995.

Shobogenzo: Zen Essays by Dogen by Dogen, Thomas Cleary (Translator). Paperback Jan 1992.

The Heart of Buddhist Meditation: Satipatthna: A Handbook of Mental Training Based on the Buddha's Way of Mindfulness by Nyanaponika, Nyanaponika Thera Paperback Dec 1976.

What Is Meditation? : Buddhism for Everyone by Rob Nairn, Rob Naim. Hardcover Mar 1999.
Wild Ivy: The Spiritual Autobiography of Zen Master Hakuin by Hakuin, Norman Waddell (Translator), Hakuin Ekaku. Paperback Jun 2001.

The Zen Master Hakuin : Selected Writings (Records of Civilization : Sources and Studies, No 86) by Philip B. Yampolsky (Translator). Paperback Feb 1985 (includes Hakuin's "Letter to a Hokke Nun").

Diamond Mind: A Psychology of Meditation by Rob Nairn. Hardcover Nov 1999.

Zen Therapy: Transcending the Sorrows of the Human Mind by David Brazier. Paperback Dec 1997. Hardcover Aug 1996.

Zen and the Heart of Psychotherapy by Robert Rosenbaum. Hardcover Nov 1998. Paperback Oct 1999.

The Zen Path Through Depression by Philip Martin. Hardcover Mar 1999. Paperback Mar 2000.

Daimoku on Breasplate of Samurai Warrior

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