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Welcome to this World Wide Directory
for Lotus Sutra Buddhism

Temples, Community Centers & Sanghas!

May the Wonderful Dharma blossom & prosper
with infinite diversity for nayuta asogi aeons!

The inclusion of any listing
here does NOT necessarily
imply an endorsement for the
given particular School of
Buddhism. Most of the
information here was taken
from public listings on the
internet and does NOT imply
the particular School's
endorsement of this independent
website and resource. It is the
WebMaster's personal belief
that one should check out all
of the forms of Buddha Dharma
available in one's vacinity.
This listing is offered with
respect for the immense
diversity of people, and the
Buddha, Dharma & Sangha
of the Lotus Sutra Schools.
Namu Myoho-renge-kyo,
Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

If you would like to have
YOUR GROUP listed here,
please email the pertinent info
to Sangha-Listings -at-
Open to all Schools that
honour the Lotus Sutra:
Nichiren, Tendai and more!


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  • An Open Letter to the Lotus Sutra Schools

    Nichiren's Coffeehouse is an Independent website.
    Created with a Prayer for eventual Peace between the Schools.
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