7 Verses On The Path

1. That which clouds the presence of ultimate nature is ignorance.

2. That which disperses that which clouds the presence of ultimate nature is wisdom.

3. The movement from ignorance to wisdom is the path.

4. Though ultimate nature is always present, awareness of this always present ultimate nature is not always present.

5. Awareness of ultimate nature has degrees.

6. Every living being has the capacity to be aware of ultimate nature to some degree.

7. Awareness of ultimate nature is great peace.

7 Verses On Ultimate Nature

1. Ultimate nature is constant and changing.

2. It has three aspects:

2.1 the everywhere,

2.2 the everywhen, and

2.3 the everything.

3. It is completely present.

4. Since it is completely present all phenomena exhibit it.

It is visual, but not only visual.

It is sonic, but not only sonic.

It is taste, but not only taste.

It is smell, but not only smell.

It is felt, but not only felt.

It is mental, but not only mental.


5. Perceive that which is present in all things and liberation manifests.

6. At that time, everything expands into the everywhere and the everywhen.

7. This is great peace.

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