Water Psalms

Free Verse

In 1986 my home was flooded in the great Russian River flood. At that time I lost all my possessions and had to escape the flood in a canoe which I boarded from a second story window. After the flood, I wrote these poems. They relate to what I call "elemental water" and its power and chaotic force. Yet, in addition to that chaotic power, there is also a kind of beauty and potential. In a flood, both aspects are present with great intensity.

-- 1 --

To every point of the compass
Empowers them
Open your tremble, unwilling to fall.

The whirlwind does minister visits him
A wounded animal
Nature of day and night.

There must silently and at running off
Leave no residue
All look at that place.

I keep slipping away curves
Its might lies in weakness
Fists into embraces comes from heaven.

Not last a whole morning of that which came before it
Leans against the earth of the worlding
Some primal force

Hold nothing
Ease all things go well
With a basket of water
All becomes absorbed.

-- 2 --

I take all these walks
We look to wind breath
The use of golden leaves upon the chief.

I see understanding
Why distinguish good to a womb to the world
Useless valley of life, gate of soft
Sitting along.

Proceeding by corelativeward for fair weather
Knowing what in molding pitchers
Every beginning means an enflooding tide
Yielding spares your heart.

Hold nothing
And bad days
When every day similars every other
Channels eternal truthing
Even as manure mystery
Beginning in the lowest.

-- 3 --

Rain dampened night
How can your Chaos happily out of discord?
Only for some such can you float through the multiverse.
A simple type.

Ah, there.
Making an object out in the sea-surf edge.

-- 4 --

Unattainable by constant use of the gate.
At evening no more bone.
Great rivers and granite cliffs
Unimpressed of you body and not loose
or weak
or night
or far
or next
between then or

-- 5 --

Like one in the way.
Have it all, all of it.
Falling free, fallingling with bright small shells.
The water of heaven,
It possibles to preserve.

Remember that from rust,
Snow turns to rain.

-- 6 --

Carry a sea lion’s bellow as great as mine?
Comes the fairest harmony of the cleaning woman.
Reason do we leave the woods’ spatialization of music with complicated dreams.

Blew my rusty trumpet
Nothing but a network of chance
Poised on branches or stalking the goal

Consider everybody waters
Does our notice tree over his head?
Flowers’ subzero blossoms

Why rivers and rain dampened nights?
What i mean; Chaos can you float through the boundary line?

Its own time
At dusk
The flowering.

-- 7 --

Taught not to rehearse the divine on lips of lover
Laugh with green water
Get them, or we disfigure them
In leading horses guards their words

From the water through the very center
Moon too bright for showers
Sea; and half the lightning flash

With skill and learning the inspiring message flows through you
Never slow their pace
Lilly and a season i wait for
River’s edge seen against the winter

Lords of the waters?
Great rivers carry a bellow and laughter

4 or 5 of evening and morning
Like one in the those we had in mind
Falling free,
Fallibath in the midsummer garden

-- 8 --

The water of many events
Each of which has
Remember that lives its own life
The oraphoressence moment

-- 9 --

Spirit jump high
Taste of the cleaning woman
The wise guide blew my rusty trumpet

With a sound on branches, or
Stalking the chilling autumn rain
The waters, like a medium in a trance,
Let our notice crack open the sky.

Again, i sent the white flowers
Horizon blossoms
The tribute of the streams.

They’ve been yellow autumn moon
We lose things
Making a round of the countryside.

-- 10 --

No sense.
Who cries out for thirst?
The blade rung free
The root of lightness

The transformations of fire,
The great sea has no limit,
Nothing to do belongs to everyone.

Time and the lie strangled
At the mere approach the water of darkness

I browse on the pine for

-- 11 --

They’ve been prison walls
We lose things
We evening or at the table

The blade run blossoms
The transformations of this moonlit night
Nothing to do fluid

Time and twigs
At the mere approach
Out in the open

-- 12 --

I browse on the pine
Because of the movement
But not behind, invented a certain

I see them occasionally in i stood on my head
Nothing compares to the black and gray taller birds

Mist above shallow
An air raid coming close
What divines escapes

Live falling
They chopped down
Forsaking the glorious winter

Myriad of cry romp and commingle

-- 13 --

As the dolphin rider at dawn
What i have all i need
Water as his preceptor

Land of mountain breeze sound of
Personal whistle and valley with laughter

His exuberant cortex of likes and dislikes
Or shape of its own
Seems very different
A wider horizon in the deep

Mind of music and dislikes comes and goes with the logos
Can not get canceled out

And water to wash his hands
Walked before
Tent wide to the firmament

-- 14 --

Five hundred years old
Come to see me
Like dark mist beside the pathnimosity

Lowering grave
Never rest

-- 15 --

With dawn rains
Their turns

Flowers growing ancient elemental
A splash of water fruit good

Pass a stranger i know
Temple incense
A warm hand
Drops fall
The origin

-- 16 --

Squirrels and field mice looking at the past
Your summer, war and peace
Winter as thought smirched

Know that in life we at the break of day
Persons they of the waters

I notice
A new growth change leaves no deeper mark on

The angel bird picks up
To persuade without argument
To i accept

-- 17 --

Retarding on the dusty window
Season ends

We change from day and night
Winter, the purest white

Like Fall
Ice melts and the lonely taste of stretch
And so become wandering freely

It remarkables that autumn (Fall)
(Ethereal pool)
To influence without compelling
Regulate with your homage

Waiting while slanting lines of rain
The High Way
The rains
So like time and you

-- 18 --

The choice of the hermaphrodites
The strength of the strong
The sage should take from someone’s cabin

My body shaking
Preference to all else

-- 19 --

Oblige a certain out all right
The acoustic dimension has a squirming pillow

What burns to listen?
Freedom from height regrets.

Intimately your stock of chestnuts is quick
Intangible factors play a greater so soon.

-- 20 --

Exist but a moment
Generally realized

Do not know
And storms cause the seas

Here the dream leaves off
Shore with me chasing full tilt.

-- 21 --

Doors the physicists white to
Immediately white
(Know what I meant when I wrote it)

And up it flows

Lao Tzu with towel and comb
Where only wind can you hold the door of you?

Fish swimming anything
He would not the hanging will
Flower growing banish
Here at your seasons
Dark pools flicker creatures

Hand woven cloth
Uncarved wood
Cuddle the music burning fire
A touch of walking in the rain
I bread fermenting wine

See three
Go back to watching the sea

-- 22 --

Realize from birth
Various of the mountain
Roles in life than have beauty

Currents Upwellings
Tidal flow
Of islands where the river enters
The glass smooth tidal sea

It dances along the windless silver touch
A sudden crash of thunder
The simpleton

Hey, -- live long.

But, strictly speaking, I did.

Down it goes.

-- 23 --

Why do you sit on the other mountain breeze?
We don’t know all things.

Mountain for your south sea is
The mountains stand on a chain.

Birds a watch
What explains all under the moonlight?
Water has no solid.

The way of to broadcast
Therefore, clearing the warm rain.

Something other which

-- 24 --

Use the single force, which,
(across the tideflats)
A various attitudes free fluid.

Choose one thing in tiles
Break apart everything exuberance
Everyone on the beach flies by the wall

Start without source
Stones and to the moon
We watch the snow

Does not strive

So fit for eternity

Notice: Copyright 1986. All rights reserved by Jim Wilson, also known as Dharmajim. Permission is hereby granted to download and copy this document entitled "Water Psalms" provided that this notice is included.
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