A Discourse On The Perfection Of Change

A Vision of Perfect Wisdom transmited from
Prajna Paramita to Jim Wilson in Armstrong Woods,
Guerneville, California, 1990

Prajna Paramita sits upon a disc of lucid space, behind her, over her left shoulder, a full moon glows brightly silver in a cloudless sky. To her right, slightly behind her, a pine tree. In the high branches sits a large owl. Her left hand holds the eternal text of the perfection of wisdom. Her right hand holds a diamond from which flows forth a rainbow of shimmering light.

I bowed to her and requested that she elucidate the basis of transcendent wisdom. She looked down at me and spoke these words:

Change does not differ from eternity. Eternity does not differ from change. Change means eternity. Eternity means change.

Therefore in eternity one finds time, process, ebb and flow, tidal movements and becoming and begoning without end.

Therefore in eternity no being, no essence, no ground, no substance, no stasis, no repetition, no abiding, no beginning and no ending.

The Enlightening Ones who realize the non-dual nature of eternity and change forever put an end to suffering. The Awakened Ones all rely on this understanding and thereby attain eternal and unsurpassed realization.

Therefore, if you would become one with the eternal you must become one with change. To realize the unity of the eternal and change, enter into the spell of transcendent wisdom, the spell of the perfection of wisdom, the spell which surpasses all other spells; cast the spell of perfect wisdom into the rivering world, the spell which says:

Om! Going, going, going beyond. Going beyond beyond. Ah! Na! Ah!

Om! Going, going, going beyond. Going beyond beyond. Ah! Sha! Ah!

Om! Going, going, going beyond. Going beyond beyond. Ah! Ba! Ah!

Om Na Sha Ba Ah!

Om Na Sha Ba Ah!

Om Na Sha Ba Ah!

Notice: Copyright 1990, 2003 by Jim Wilson, also known as Dharmajim. All rights reserved. Permission is given to download and copy this document, provided this notice remains a part of the document.
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