Lord of the Gohonzons

Frodo Crosses the Sea of Suffering

Frodo patted his pocket nervously but his Prayer Gohonzon was still there. Thank goodness! All those biggies relying on him. It would be terrible if he was caught now. Sam bent to the oars and the boat moved away from the shore into the enveloping dark.

Suddenly the terrified hobbits heard a splashing in the dark and a thin voice pleading with them, "Has it done gongyo, Preciousssss? Has it been to its divisssional meeting? Oh, we hope its been asssiduousssss?"

Frodo bit his tongue with sheer fright and Sam's toes turned white under their fur. "What has it in its pocketsssss?" the creature continued, holding the side of the boat with long wet fingers. "Something narsssty, I can guesssss. Give it to me, it's mine, it's mine. Narsty hobbitses mustn't have it. It's mine."

Frodo looked at Sam who looked back at him and suddenly they started to snort, then giggle, then they fell to laughing hysterically till they were rolling around in the bottom of the frail craft, their sides aching. The creature screeched and fell back into the gloom with a mighty splash. When Frodo and Sam came to their senses, they rowed on, whistling a merry tune, out of the dark and into the sunnny lands.

Tale by Otto Palindrome
Digital Imaging by Scotty
Nichiren's Last Gohonzon used above

Original artwork by Jane Curst from an old Bo Hansson album cover.

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Created 13 March 2001
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