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Black Buddhists in the USA & Africa:
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Photo Gallery for Lynda Caine-Barrett, aka Shamini Myokei, at her Tokudo Ceremony
Bald, black and beautiful. On Feb. 9, 2003, after 30+ years as a Nichiren Buddhist, Lynda Caine-Barrett (now named Myokei, Wonderful Virtue) of Houston, became the first female of African descent (as well as the very first person of African-Japanese descent) to be ordained by any Nichiren School as she took her initial vows (tokudo) as an acolyte (shamini) under the Rev. Ryuoh Faulconer. Congratulations, Myokei!

Angola, Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Reunion, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Togo, Zambia & Zimbabwe


African American Buddhism
  • Buddhist Meditations for African Americans
  • The Ethiopian Buddhist Ondinnonk-Ñyabingi Institute, Church and Yeshiva
    4870 Santa Monica Ave, Suite 2D
    San Diego, California 92107
    32.7410"N, 117.2434"W
  • Nichiren Buddhist Sangha of Texas
    PO Box 14048
    Houston, Texas 77021
    29.6971"N, 95.3575"W
    Tel: (713) 741-1318
  • Shamini Myokei's Tokudo Ceremony
  • Learn about Nichiren Shu
  • Queens NY Nichiren Buddhist Sangha
    Jamaica, Queens, New York
    40.7002"N 73.8348"W
  • Queens, NY - NBS Homepage
  • Proud Black Nichiren Buddhists
  • PBNBS Yahoo Group
  • Learn about Nichiren Shu
  • Proud Black Buddhists
  • Learn about Nichiren Shoshu
  • Daiun-ji Great Cloud Temple
    Blue Lotus Assembly
    460 Fleming Rd
    Cincinnati, OH 45231
    Tel: (513) 238-4639
  • Learn about Tendai
  • M. LaVora Perry, Author
    East Cleveland, Ohio
    41.5361"N, 81.5730"W
  • Learn about the SGI
  • Soul Expressions, Inc.
    PO Box 2104
    Wilmington, Delaware 19899
    39.7360"N, 75.5465"W

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    SGI Bouddhisme-Afrique
    Pionniers de Kosen-rufu en Afrique
  • Unoffical
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  • Angola

    12"30'S, 18"30'E
  • Learn about the SGI

  • Cameroon

    3"87'N, 11"52'E
  • Learn about the SGI

  • Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

    SGI-Cote d'Ivoire
    5"33'N, 4"03'W
  • Learn about the SGI

  • Ethiopia

    Buddha Dharma in Ethiopia
  • Y!Group

  • Ghana

    Nichiren Shoshu
    Senmyo-zan Hokkeji Temple
    5"N, 0"
    Ghana, Africa
  • Learn about Nichiren Shoshu
  • SGI-Ghana
    5"N, 0"
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  • Kenya

    0", 38"E
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  • Liberia

    6"N, 10"W
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  • Mozambique

    16"S, 40"E
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  • Namibia

    SGI Namibia
    25"S, 15"E
  • SGI Namibia Training Course 2003
  • Learn about the SGI

  • Nigeria

    10"N, 5"E
  • Learn about the SGI

  • Reunion

    17"S, 55"E
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  • Sierra Leone

    SGI-Sierra Leone
    9"N, 12"W
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  • South Africa

    SGI-South Africa
    30"S, 23"E
  • Buddhism in Soweto SGI Quarterly
  • Learn about the SGI

  • Togo

    7"N, 2"E
  • Learn about the SGI

  • Zambia

    15"S, 25"E
  • Learn about the SGI

  • Zimbabwe

    20"S, 30"E
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