The Last Will of Mary Worden

Widow of Yarmouth

The will of Mary Worden, widow of Yarmouth: "That there be no difference amongst my children, my said children also having manifested their willingness and consent on to me to dispose or bequeth what should leift of my worldly goods or estate at my decease as I should see cause as per articles of agreement in writing indented bearing date of the second of May 1681 doeth and may appeare. I ... declare this ... my last will." All wearing apparell to be equally divided between her three daughters Mary Burge, Mercy Winslow, and Martha Severance; the rest of the estate after debts are paid, to son-in-law John Burge; "excepting my Indian squaw servant which will and bequeath to my son Samuell Worden."

Executor John Burge Dated 6 March 1686
Signed by her mark
Proved 31 May 1687
Witnesses: Samuel Sears, Silas Sears, and Gov. Thomas Hinkly.
Recorded 8 June 1687 by Joseph Lathrop, Dep. Reg.

SOURCE: Obtained at Worden Hall in East Dennis, Cape Cod, Mass.

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