Estate Inventory of
Peter Werden II

  • Two oxen 6L eight cowes 16L 22-00-00

  • Three four yeer old heiffers 06-00-00

  • One three yeer old heiffer 01-05-00

  • Seven yeerlings att 12s a peece 04-04-00

  • Three three yeer old steers att 1L - 15s a peece 05-05-00

  • One yeerling att 12L 12-00-00

  • One cow and a calfe with Joseph Severance 02-05-00

  • One mare 1L and a horse two yeer old 02-00-00

  • Two sheep 10s and one calfe 2s-6d 00-12-06

  • Ten smale swine att 5s a peece 02-06-00

  • In all sorts of corne 05-00-00

  • Three barrells of meat and butter and tallow 10-00-00

  • Barrell of thine meate not marchantable 00-12-00

  • One bed and bolster and pillows and three blankets, one rugg and one cover lidd and two paire of sheets 08-00-00

  • One flocke bed and bolster and pillows 01-10-00

  • One bedstead 2L One trundle bedstead 02-05-00

  • One chest 10s one chest 6s one chest 4s 01-00-00

  • Four chaires 8s one smale table 1s an old chest 00-10-00

  • Two spinning wheels and two paire of cards 00-07-00

  • One iron pott and pott hookes 00-10-00

  • Two pair of iron trammell tonges and fier shovell 00-14-00

  • One great iron pott and cover to it 01-05-00

  • One iron kettle 4s one brasse kettle 12s 00-16-00

  • One frying pan and one brasse skillett 00-03-00

  • In pewter 12s a brasse morter and pestil 00-14-06

  • Two cheines 15s three axes one hoe 01-03-00

  • One plow copes and small tooles 00-08-00

  • One box iron and a pewter bason 00-04-00

  • One shave and coulter and some old iron 00-05-06

  • Two iron pines and four iron hoopes One gun 01-00-16

  • In flax and woole 2L ledd and salt 02-03-00

  • In Indian beanes and tobaco and cheese 02-10-00

  • In linnine and woolen yerne 02-10-00

  • In parte of a barrell of molasses 00-15-00

  • In wearing apparell and in mony and iron 14-09-00

  • In tubbs trayes cheese potts ec. 01-00-00

  • Butter and hoggs fatt 01-10-00

  • Tubbs and barrells and pailes basketts and earthen potts 01-16-00

  • Three horse kind att Cape Cod dead or alive we know not

  • Two yeer olds two heiffers one steer 03-16-00

  • Two Bibles 12s and a paire of brasse scales 5s 00-17-00

  • Two meale seives and meale sackes 00-07-00

  • Old barrell and old lumber 00-12-00

  • In linnin yearn and woolen yern and paid for the warping 01-17-06

  • In mault and rye 10-11-06

  • An Indian servant that cost att first 04-10-00

  • In plow takeling and horse cart and wheels 00-11-06

  • In powder and bulletts 00-03-00

  • An interest in house and land and mony in old England not knowing what it may be worth

  • An house and land both upland and middow in the towne of Yarmouth 500-00-00

  • That wheras the wearing apparrell and the mony was appraised together in the sum of 14L 9s a considerable parte of the said mony is att present in severall honest mens hands which mony wee judge will be paid.

  • Debts due from the estate that are demanded from severall persons 07-16-08

  • Debts due to the estate from severall persons 01-14-02

  • More from John Dillingham Jr. 00-00-06

    This twenty one of March 1681, Samuell Worden and Mary Worden, the relict of the said Peter Worden, maid oath to the truth of this inventory.

    Before Mee
    John Freeman, Ast.
    John Miller
    John Hall, Jr.
    Paul Sears

    SOURCE: Obtained at Worden Hall in East Dennis, Cape Cod, Mass.

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