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Updated 26 Aug 2007
Worden Family Record By O. N. Worden--1868

"Some Records of Persons by the Name of WORDEN, Particularly of Over One Thousand of the Ancestors, Kin, and Descendants of John and Elizabeth Worden, of Washington County, Rhode Island, Covering Three Hundred Years, and comprising Twelve Generations in America"

Alan Ross of TX obtained a paperback edition of this classic Worden family history. He has generously made it available to be reproduced for all to share. The book is very old and fragile; not really suitable for scanning.

Worden Family Record by Oliver Newton Worden--1868

Dedication | Preface | Origin | Reflections

Miscellaneous Records

Worden Heraldry (ONW)

The Name of Worden European Derivations (ONW)

Werden - Worden - Warden Our American Family

Authors Named Worden (ONW)

Miscellaneous Matters (ONW)

Something of a Labyrinth of Wordens Washington Co., RI (ONW)

ONW's Corrections and Additions

16th Century

The Werden Family in England

17th Century

First Wordens in America (ONW)

Peter Worden I arrived in New Plymouth Colony

Wordens of Boston (ONW)

Worden-Winslow Cemetary--1696 East Dennis, Cape Cod, MA

18th Century

History of Washington Co., RI Land of Our Fathers (ONW)

Peter Worden III moved to RI Early 1700s

Census of June 1, 1774 Washington Co., RI (ONW)

Soldiers of the Revolution (ONW)

Baptist Ministry in New England Elder Peter Worden V

Family of Samuel & James Worden 1700s to 1800s (ONW)

Another Samuel Worden Family Blacksmith (ONW)

Wordens in Wyoming Region (ONW)

John Worden the Centennarian (ONW)

19th Century

War of 1812 Rypha Worden

Wordens on the Sea (ONW)

Wording in Maine (ONW)

Another Peter Worden, Preacher (ONW)

Worden and Thayer Family NY to MI

Lorenzo J. Worden NY to KS (ONW)

Civil War Soldiers to July 1, 1864 (ONW)

Agricultural Statistics--1865 Washington Co., RI (ONW)

Pioneer Life in Kansas: An Intimate Perspective

20th Century

Wordens From Coast to Coast Zaida Worden-Ross

Family Obituaries

21st Century

New Worden DNA Project
Using 21st century technology to solve age old family history questions. Seeking males with the surname Warden, Werden, Wooden, Wood, Worden, Wording, and more

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Family History Resources

Plymouth, MA Tourguide & Historical Reference

Worden Hall Art Gallery E. Dennis, Cape Cod

New Plymouth Colony, Barnstable County, MAGenWeb

Rhode Island USGenWeb

KSGenWeb Archives

Daynard-Werden Family

Winslow Family of Colonial New England

Worden Family Association

Howard Worden's Descendants of Roger Worden

Keli's Porch: Seeking Parentage of Parley Worden b. abt. 1796

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