Peter Worden III [1668-1732]

Peter and Mary were residents of Harwich in 1694 and named in the "History of Harwich 1620-1800" by Josiah Paine. In "Mayflower Descendants," Volume 18, page 137, the record of the settlement, Mary Hannah and Rose Holly received from their father Joseph Holley is recorded.

Between 1697 and 1706, Peter the Third farmed the Rodman lands on the Saugatucket River in Peace Dale. From the Westerly, R.I. records 1707-1717, we get the following information. On 10 May 1705, Peter Worden bought one hundred acres from Joseph Davoll (recorded 1710). On 4 January 1709, Peter bought 158 acres of vacant land. On 9 April 1713, he bought 204 acres.

Peter III is next heard of 8 September 1721 when he appeared at court held at Kingstown and did acknowledge gifts of land to his two sons, Judah and Peter IV. This land was the 204 acres originally bought from John Babcock. Sometime before 1728, Peter III and Mary removed to Warwick, Rhode Island - why, we do not know. Whether they are buried there or in Historical Cemetary 1, in Charleston, will probably never be known.

SOURCE: Obtained at Worden Hall in East Dennis, Cape Cod, Mass.

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