The Family of Isaac Werden

Old historical documents relating to the province of Quebec show that in 1764-65, Isaac Werden ... made several purchases of land in Gaspe, Quebec, the most important of which were the Seigneury of Riviere du Loup and the Fief de Madawaska. Both were bought from the Hon. James Murray, and the title dated the 24th January, 1765, was issued under the Great Seal of France and confirmed by the King of Great Britain. That this Isaac Werden was a man of ability and trustworthiness is shown by the fact that a few years later the Bristish Government despatched him on important business to the West Indian Island of Dominica. Before setting out on his voyage he sought greater safety for his wife and family by removing them to the more settled Connecticut. The Werden family still have in their possession [1904] two letters written from him in Dominica to his son, in both of which he refers in glowing terms to his property in Gaspe and his intention to have it conveyed to his son.

Isaac Werden died soon after in Dominica, far from all his family. His son (Isaac II) meanwhile had married, and in time had six children: Isaac, Elias, Asa, Robert, William and a daughter who married a man named Stebbins and settled near Watertown, NY. Living for years in pleasant Connecticut the father imbibed the disaffection of the people towards the mother country, and on the outbreak of the Revolutionary War threw in his lot with the colonials. He died on the prison ship in New York harbor, and his name is inscribed on the Martyrs' Monument in New York City. His six children were left penniless and had a hard struggle with the world. Isaac lived and died in the United States; Asa came to Canada early in life and settled in Prince William County; Robert was last heard of in New Orleans; William settled south of Rochester, NY; and Elias learned the carpenter strade, and later joined the United States army, in which he rose to the rank of captain.

Source: Photo copy from "Pioneers of Prince Edward County" in 1904.
Publisher & Author Unknown.

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