Don and Genealogy

This family history is dedicated to my paternal Grandma Zaida Marie Worden Ross who first inspired my quest into our family history when I visited her in 1975 with stories of the Raja Ram Mohun Roy. She did extensive research, tracing her maiden name to the early Pilgrims at New Plymouth Colony in the 1620s.

My own research of my family history started a few short years later when my mother & I began searching her genealogy. This brought us to Abbeville County, South Carolina, in 1979 where our ancestors lived during the Revolutionary War and Barmores still remain. My maternal ancestry also dates back to Jamestown, with the arrival of William and Thomas BAILEY in the Virginia tidewater in 1610. Thus this family history is a compilation of a number of very old family lines.

Since that time I have returned to genealogy every few years to compile data for a specific family member. Now with time on my hands and the World Wide Web at my fingertips, this genealogy has become a full time hobby with a desire to network with people in the present and pass on this information to future generations.

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