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Our Colonial ForeFathers

The following is a list of the first generation immigrants and primary heads of family from their first arrival in the New World in 1610 until the War for American Independence. Click here for arrivals AFTER the American Revolution. To explore the descendents of a given person, go to the database or click on the Family History to journey through a written history.

James Agnew, Jr.
[born 1671 in Balloo, Ireland] Came to Pennsylvania in 1717

William Bailey Bailey Family History
[born 1583 in England - died in Virginia]

George Barmore Barmore Family History
[born c. 1725 in England - died after 1790 in South Carolina]
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William Bryan Three Bryan Lineages
[born 1740s in Ireland - died in Virginia]

Charles Dodson
[born c. 1649 in Richmond, VA - 6 Feb 1705 Barmore Family History

Edward Dorr
[born 1647 in England - died 1733 in Massachusetts]

Peter Dunkin
[born c. 1660]

Samuel Emerson
[born 8 Oct 1759 in England - 19 Feb 1845]

Richard Gaines
[Emigrated from Wales to Jamestown circa 1620]

John Godbold

Francis Gower
[born 1682]

David Hamilton
[born c. 1725 in Scotland - 1801]

Ralph Leftwich
[born 1628 in England]

Michael Krebs
[born 1677 in Germany - died 1751 in Pennsylvania]

James McDavid
[born c. 1680 in Ireland - 1748]

Vincent Godfrey Piles
[died 1742 in Virginia]

Ram Mohun Roy
[born 1772 in Bengal - died 1833 in England]

Thomas Rice
[Came to America in 1693]

Patrick Riley
[1740 - 1823 in Ireland]

David Ripley
[born 1744 in Rhode Island]

Nicholas Rochester
[born 1640 in England - died 1719 in Virginia]

Hugh Scott
[Left Ireland in 1670]

Nathaniel Thrift
[born c. 1675]

William Tunnel
[born 1702 in France - died 1787 in Virginia]

Andrew Wolfe
[born 1743 in Germany - died 1803 in Pennsylvania]

Peter WordenWorden Family History
[born 1569 in England - 1638 in New Plymouth Colony]

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