My South Bend 10L



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*** 2/5/2005, Sold lathe to make room... ***

Last Picture- all spiffed up and ready to go.

I've been looking for an upgrade to my 6" Atlas for some time, and found a great fixer-upper on ebay.  It seems to be cobbled together from a bunch of different SB lathes, all with different oddball paintjobs; pretty grungy, but mechanically its in good condition. 

Feb 23, 2004 - Before

Actually, the lathe was fairly painful to look at.  So once I got it together and used it a while, I decided to strip and paint it.  Theres a lot of material on the internet, I came across electroysis rather quickly and since I have a high current DC supply handy, I figured it was a good fit for my small space, plus I was curious.

April 12, 2004 - After

The toolpost is one of the cheapo Aloris clones.  If I really like it, then maybe I'll go for the real thing.  Last Christmas, Santa got my father a KRF Omnipost which is what I'd get otherwise.

June 10, 2004, debugged & working!




Bed & Tailstock Wear

Lessons learned;

1.  Paint strippers can work well (I tried Citristrip spray which really suprised me with how well it worked).  The problem is it leaves a horrible mess that gets into every last nook and cranny.  Next time I'd use citristrip to loosen the paint, then use electrolysis for a few hours to clean off the mess - that short time won't hurt bearings.

2.  TSP works well for the paint and oil- but it wears out, so be prepared to make several batches.

3.  Spend the time to thoroughly mask.  I forgot to mask the oilers as I primed... no big deal, just more to clean up.

4.  Definitely go to the trouble of setting up a spray booth.  The Benjamin Moore paint I used does hide the brush strokes fairly well, but it can't do wonders.  However, the machine looks so much better now I'm not complaining.

5.  I chose "Grey Shower" as the paint color- its a bit light, and the high gloss isn't quite right.  Though perhaps the gloss will help the paint resist oil.  I'm happy with the paint on balance though, but the test is how well it wears.  So far its doing really well- after 4 months or so of on & off use, there are no apparent scratches in the paint- even on top of the saddle where chips collect & are brushed off.

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