Fay & Scott Company, Dexter ME

Original material owned by Dexter Historical Society, Dexter ME. Reproduced 6/2012 with permission. Duplication or use for commercial purposes is prohibited.

  • Shop Scenes           fs-shop-scenes.zip [392m] (all scenes, full size & resolution)

  • Crew and Building   fs-crew-building.zip [244m] (all scenes, full size & resolution)

  • Images in the above two collections are organized topically but are of different vintages and from different portions of the F&S collection. When present on the originals, annotations are quoted directly in the captions without correction. Commentary is prefaced by (Ed.).

    Captions on the images in the collections above include a creation timestamp, slide #, image # and collection. New revisions of the image will have new timestamps. The slide # is a simple sequence number and is not guaranteed to be preserved across updates. The image # is permanent, tracing back to the original scan/photograph. The collection notation indicates the portion of the F&S collection from which the image came.

    Fay & Scott PDF files

  • fs-machine-products-nodate.pdf [18m]
  • fs-machine-tools-nodate.pdf [19m]

  • (Above two files are collections of miscellaneous images showing F&S products in general and machine tools specifically. Annotations are included when present on the originals.)

  • fs-machinetools-1919.pdf [6.7m]
  • fs-misc-ads-circa1919.pdf [23m]

  • fs-employee-handbook-1969.pdf [1.7m]
  • fs-shop-paperwork.pdf [12m]
  • fs-facts-july-1914.pdf [3.3m]
  • fs-facts-1931-anniversary.pdf [5.8m] NEW
  • fs-38th-anniversary-1919.pdf [1.6m] NEW

  • fs-strawberry-capper-nodate.pdf [3.2m]

  • Hi-resolution scans of some F&S factory invoices below, perhaps suitable for sigs or icons. Full size original scans available on request.


    File date: 9/13/2012, contact: gmlathe@comcast.net

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