Part of the deal with the wife was that she got half the basement, my old setup was using almost the entire room.  So I took everything apart, moved it and set things up better.

The new shaper head;

Things are almost back together, for clearance I still have to shift the mill over a bit more.  A friend of ours decorated both machines with the magnet-mounted butterflies.

Finally I got around to simplifying my crazy circuit that protected the Bridgeport's vfd from leakage to ground from the motor drive leads. All very well in theory but inconvienent as all get out and the wiring so packed in that changes were difficult and debugging even worse. There may have been some code issues involved as well... ;) Things became lots simpler with with all the extra crud removed and a proper 15amp breaker replacing the 50amp GFI unit. I also added a 4PDT switch to switch the vfd output between the mill and shaper heads, the fourth pole of the switch selecting which head's control switch runs the vfd.

The new spot for the lathe;

I also upgraded to proper leveling feet from the 4x4's, new & bigger shelves and a floor mat. I should have tried the leveling feet long ago, its much easier to get the lathe level and stable with them than with the wooden base.

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