I bought a new 10" chuck at the January 2006 Cabin Fever show up in York, PA, it is stamped "Made in England"- perhaps a Pratt-Bernerd.  Either way its not rusty nor are the jaws loose like my old chuck.  It took a couple months to buy a couple unmachined backplates on which to mount the chuck.

But first I have to machine the backplate (unfortunately I lost the pics of machining the spindle bore... bummer).  Here I'm starting to face the mounted backplate.

The plate is approx 8" OD, I have to face off about .192 from the outside 1.5" or so, leaving a 5" diam boss onto which the chuck is mounted.  Makes lots of chips and I got a lot of experience fooling around with feeds and DOC.

But eventually I got it cut- I wanted size-on-size, but a burr misled me so I ended up with a running fit... good enough for a first try I suppose...

And onto the spindle we go;

Naturally none of my chuck wrenches fit, so off to enco to get some that are sort of close- they don't fit either, so now to anneal, machine & grind one into submission...

;;; eof