The Children of Andrew Wolfe

The Zion church, more commonly called "Herrolds," had a record of confirmants who were confirmed and blessed on May 27, 1792, and partook of the Lord's Supper for the first time. In this record, as shown in the history of the Old Zion Church, is shown the name of John Wolff, age. Another list of confirmants under the date April 20, 1784, includes the name Anna Maria Wolff, age 17, which also agrees with her 1776 birthdate. I have included several records so you may comprehend the difficulty of the spellings, dates, etc..

  • JOHN WOLF born February 17, 1774, baptised February 9, 1778 at Herrolds church. Sponsored by Mother, Eva Crebs Wolf, wife of Andrew.
  • ELIZABETH WOLF born July 23, 1776, baptized February 9, 1778. Sponsors were Jacob Zehner and wife Catherine.
  • ANNA MARIA WOLF born 23 July 1776 (twin of Elizabeth) also baptized February 9, 1778. Sponsors were George Zehner and wife Anna Maria.
  • JOHN CHRISTIAN WOLF born February 20, 1778, baptized January 23, 1779. Sponsors were John Crebs and Sophia Sebring.
  • CHRISTOPHER WOLF born February 23 1780. Baptized March 19, 1780. Sponsors were George Haeddenbach and wife Anna Margaretta.
  • CATHERINE WOLF born June 19, 1782. Baptized June 8, 1783. Sponsors were Philip Muhleisen and wife Maria Barbara. (from Rev. Weber's Records)
  • JACOB WOLF born August 15, 1784, baptized April 17, 1785. Sponsors were Jacob Zenher and wife Catherine. (from Herrolds Reformed Church records)

    From German Reformed and Lutheran church records, Reverend Paul M. Ruff, Volume 1 and Volume 2 on Wolff families in Westmoreland County 1772-1804, the following was taken:

  • JOHANNES WOLFF born 2/17/1774 baptized 2/9/1778
  • ELIZABETH WOLFF born 7/23/1776 baptized 2/9/1778 sponsored by Jacob Zehner
  • ANNA MARIA WOLFF born 7/23/1776 baptized 2/9/1778 sponsored by George Zehner and Anna Maria
  • JOHN CHRISTIAN WOLFF born 10/20/1778 baptized 1/19/1779 sponsored by Johannes Krebs and Sophie Rebe
  • CHRISTIAN or CHRISTOPHER WOLFF born 2/23/1780 baptized 3/19/1780 sponsored by George Hattenbach and Anna Magretha
  • JACOB WOLFF born 8/16/1784 baptized 4/17/1785 sponsored by Jacob Lehner and Catherine.

    After the death of Eva Wolf around 1785, Andrew remarried, this time to Catherine (unknown surname), who was a widow with one daughter. The following children were born to Andrew and his second wife:

  • BARBARA WOLF born about 1789
  • SALOME (SARAH) WOLF born January 12, 1791. Baptized July 8, 1792. sponsors were Jacob Krebs and his wife Anna Maria. (from Rev. Wobers records)
  • HANNAH WOLF born August 4, 1796 and baptized August 29, 1803. Sponsors were George Crebs and wife Barbara. (from Greenburg Lutheran Church records)

    SOURCE: The Wolf Family [1743-1997]. Compiled by Clara Joan (Shafer) Cullison. July 1997. Ohio.

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