The Book of Life; or
The Human Constitution with its Cosmical Relations by Arthur Merton, M.D. -- 1876

Table of Contents

Plan of the Book of Life
The Plan of the Book of Life, pg 3

Chapter 1
Mental Harmonies

The dignity, scope, and importance of our subject. The nature of Life and its organs. The Mental, Vital, and Motive systems and temperaments. Analysis of the Vital Functions. The law of Mental Harmonies, with a table of the faculties. The twenty-four Leaders of the mind, with observations on their mutual relations. Page 5-33.

Chapter II
Structure and Character

The Tree of Life. Structure and Plan of the Brain. Location of Mental Organs. Action and reaction of Brain and Body upon each other. Natural language of the faculties. The Character as indicated in the Gestures, Voice, and Manners. Description of seventy-two Signs of Character in the Face and the Human Form. p. 34-67.

Chapter III
Mental Mechanism

The Brain governed by geometric laws. Its great Elipses. Three lines of mental action. Mathematics of Thought. Relations of Form and Character. Laws of Beauty in Form. Mental laws applied to Costume and Unitary Architecture. p. 68-87.

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Chapter IV

Nature and Relations of Nerve-force. Currents of nerve-force in the Brain. Mental impressions and mind-reading. Philosophy of Caressing. Colors of nerve-force, and their harmonies applied to costume and architecture. Correlation of Sensations. Education of the Senses. p. 88-123.

Chapter V
Mental Polarity

The degrees of Mental Ploarity described. Exchange and responses of mental functions. Co-operation of the faculties. High and low Spheres. Mechanism of Mental Action. Differences of the sexes in character. Nature and duality of Sex-love. p. 124-159.

Chapter VI
Mental Unity

The unity of mental action. The Commandments of Nature. The fundamental laws of Thought. Science and Religion reconciled. Classification of the Sciences. Analysis of Basic Ideas. Structure of a universal and natural Language. p. 160-229.

Chapter VII
Historic Evolution

Reign of the natural law in history. Phases of Personal and Race life compared. True basis of Social Order in natural law. Integral Education, and Unitary life. Spheres of Man and Woman. Distribution of Wealth. The Matunal Constitution as the model of a perfect Society. p. 230-268.
The Plan of the Book of Life, pg 4

The Book of Life; or The Human Constitution with its Cosmical Relations
by Arthur Merton, M.D. of the Matunal University.
Caxton Press of Sherman & Company:
Philadelphia. 1876.

Our great-great-grandfather, Arthur E. Merton, Ph.D., a.k.a.,
Alesha Sivartha, was the son of the Rajah Ram Mohun Roy.

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