Children of Larkin Barmore

Mary Jane Barmore

Mary Jane Barmore, Larkin Barmore's oldest daughter, married Joseph Agnew. They moved from South Carolina to Lee County, Mississippi in 1853. She is still living [as of 1890], though a widow; is said by those who knew her best to be a noble Christian woman. She has five children and several grandchildren, all doing well in life.

N. Ophelia Barmore

N. Ophelia Barmore, the second daughter married Andrew Agnew. She was a gently, modest Christian lady, whose light shone with an unceasing lustre in her own family. Her husband safely trusted in her. Her six children and several grandchildren, who are among our best citizens, rise up and call her blessed. She died December 23, 1879, when fifty years old.

Triphosa Barmore

Triphosa Barmore married William P. McGee. She is a retiring, lovely woman. She also is a true follower of Jesus. She, with her three children and several grandchildren, are living in Abbeville County, all in easy circumstances.

Triphena Barmore

Triphena Barmore, the twin sister of Triphosa, was the second wife of William Latimer. She was a quiet and lovely Christian, a faithful mother, a noble stepmother. her two promising children, a son and a daughter, are still with their father in this County. She died in the fall of 1883.

Margaret Frances Barmore

Margaret Frances Barmore, the fifth daughter, married John Robert Ellis, of Due West. Her modest, Christian graces have won for her the love of all with whom she meets. She has one manly boy, two lovely daughters, four grandchildren, all in this County.

Demaris E. Barmore

Demaris E. Barmore married W. B. Acker. They reside in Donnalds. Not having any children to claim her exclusive care at home as her sisters, she is nevertheless very hospitable, and as good housewife as they; while her Christian work has been more public. she is an enthusiastic church worker, ready at all times for duty, which she faithfully discharges.

Sallie Barmore

Sallie Barmore, the seventh daughter, married J. R. Mattison, of Donnalds. She, too, is a fine church worker, is kind and hospitable in her home; has five children, and one grandson, whose general deportment speaks well for their home training.

P. Hasseltine Barmore

P. Hasseltine Barmore, the eighth daughter, married Greenbury Riley, of Hodges. She united with the church when a little girl. Her Christian walk has been very exemplary. We only know her children by sight, yet the happy expression on their mother's face cannot fail of producing the impression upon all that all is well at her fireside.

E. Hibernia Barmore

E. Hibernia Barmore, the ninth daughter and youngest child, married W. R. Dunn. She is a member of old Turkey Creek Church, the church home of her parents; is one of the best workers of the Ladies' Missionary Society. She has five promising children, all young. She lives at the old homestead, bequeathed to her by her father. She is surrounded with all the comforts of life.

William E. Barmore

Hon. W. E. Barmore, the only son of Larkin Barmore, married Miss Sallie A. Pratt, daughter of Robert Pratt of Due West. William was a dutiful son, an affectionate brother, a devoted husband, a kind and indulgent father, a trustworthy citizen, a deacon in his church. he served in the war in Hampton's legion, and was with the army when Lee surrendered. Being a farmer, he never sought publicity, but was content to quietly succeed in occupation of his choice. However, at the earnest solicitation of his friends he came out as a candidate for Representative in 1884, and was elected second man on the ticket. his health was so bad he declined running the next term. He died July 14, 1889, and was buried in Donnalds cemetary. His descendants, two sons and two daughters and seven grandchildren, are all in this county. Mrs. Clara Ellis, with her children, of Donnalds; Mrs. Nola Mayes of Greenwood, with her two children; the two worthy sons, Eugene W. and R. L., are still with their mother on a farm near Donnalds. Eugene and R. L. are the first males of the sixth generation in South Carolina who inherited the ancestral surname.

SOURCE: History of the Barmore Family by Miss N. Jane Barmore. 1890.

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