Tom Barmore's Bear Camp

In the words of Mary Coulter

I have visited with Fannie Holley, daughter of Oliver Barmore. On one visit, she took us to the cemetery in Pioneer, LA, where her grandfather Thomas and wife are buried. Thomas fought in the Civil War along with Edward Coulter, his brother-in-law, at Vicksburg, MS. It was in Tom Barmore's Bear Camp where Teddy Roosevelt was a guest. There is a picture of Teddy and Tom Barmore and wife and son Charles and wife and two of Charles' children, taken during this visit, shown in this book. There is a small community in that area called Roosevelt that is supposedly the place where Teddy came on a train and unloaded his hunting equipment for this hunt. There is a book "Genealogy of the DODSON, LUCAS, PYLES, ROCHESTER, AND ALLIED FAMILIES" by S Emmett Lucas Jr, Copyright June 1959. It has lots of information about these families. A copy of this book was found in the library, Pine Bluff, AR by Phil Carter.

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