Happily, a number of people who have High Duty lathes have been kind enough to send pictures.  If you have one of these machines, please send me a picture and I'd be glad to include it here.

Ed B.'s 14" - Ed had to make his own cross-slide and compound and several of the gears in the train down to the gearbox.  He also knows of several other (presumably) ex-US Navy High Duty lathes in his area.

John O. sent pics of this monster 24" High Duty lathe in Houston he examined at one point, serial # 17151.  Notice the headstock on this machine is "raised".  Sadly, as of 5/28/2006, this machine has been scrapped.

Steve W's 14" machine, apparently in excellent shape.  Thanks to Bob W. for brightening up the picture.

Larry R.'s 14" machine is one of the conehead High Duty machines, it seems to be equipped with double-backgears.

John O. sent more pictures, this time of an interesting post-1927 18" High Duty lathe, missing the tailstock and with a short bed, probably achieving only about 24" between centers, perhaps even less.  Its a pity this one is in such bad shape and is treated so poorly, its a later model 12 speed headstock.

Dan W. sent a picture of his cousin's 18" lathe- nice one too, the "old design" tailstock suggesting a late 20's early 30's machine, certainly post 1927 as per the feed levers.

Jeff H. sent pictures of his quite modern 12" machine. This is likely a late 30's model. The spindle bearings are interesting, plainly not bronze or anti-friction- perhaps a cast iron bearing with the spindle running in it, similar to how South Bend did them.

Here's a shot of my older ATW;

Coming Spring/Summer 2007, pics of my early 40's ATW- once I get the garage cleaned up and ready....

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