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pre 1900 ATW 14x48 Lathe

Postby cmdevans ยป Tue Jun 25, 2013 5:06 pm

I have a VERY unique lathe for trade. This was one of the first, and is probably the oldest still around, ATW lathe in existence. When restoring the lathe, I found the original casting on the bed, reading "Davis and Egan", so this puts the lathe somewhere in the neighborhood of 1897-1899

This lathe is a American Tool Works lathe, 14" swing, 48" between centers.

110-220 motor.

The Lathe has a bunch of tooling, two chucks, steady rest, all the change gears, etc with it.

I need the space in the shop, so looking to sell this pretty soon.


located 30 min south of Indianapolis

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