I found a 3kw 440:220 single phase transformer on ebay for $25 total.. nice.. You can see the vfd is labeled for 440v, so it was running at half voltage- now with the transformer configured to boost 220v to 440v I would be at full power.  So I thought.  It turns out the vfd label is incorrect.  The case says 440v but the internals are 240v, which led to a big, loud spark when I cut in the breaker!

The overvoltage protection circuit blew out, leaving the vfd operating so the lathe still works for the moment.  Anytime you buy a used piece of equipment, don't trust the label!  So now I'm keeping an eye on ebay for a real 440v vfd since everything is set up for it.

I bought this unit a year ago out of a lot of surplus vfd's.  I guess this one was a "frankenvfd" made out of spare parts back when the units were in service.  I contacted the seller, apparently this vfd was one of only two that were not labeled properly.  Would have been nice to know that ahead of time.. caveat emptor.

Anyhow, the idea is to put the transformer along with the vfd and breaker panel inside the base.  The 60lb transformer down low will help balance the lathe and provide a righting arm to reduce tippiness while moving.  Getting the works inside the base also protects them from oil drips and damage- and puts the space to use.

It does make for a cleaner setup.  I opened up 4 existing holes to 1/4" to support the plywood mounting plate inside.

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