While I played games with the countershaft bearing, I started prepping the base for painting.  Here it is about ready for priming.  While cleaning the ways, I unearthed the "12", and, I think I found the remains of the text, '14" swing'- though its mostly ground off to flatten the surface for the dealer's placard.

And here is a shot of the ways in a somewhat better condition.  There is a discernable ridge on the right-hand carriage way in the expected place.  The top of the way is pretty well flat, the ridge is apparent as an undercut below the top of the V way, where the carriage bears.  The left-hand carriage way is less noticably worn.  The tailstock ways are pretty good aside from the dings- as usual just beneath where the chuck is located.  This bed is substantially more worn than my SB was, but only tests will show how significant it is.  I just love seeing the shiny ways emerge from the dirt and grime.

Upper half of headstock, stripped.  Holes plugged with twists of paper.  I don't know what the upside-down "2" is, it showed up after all the old factory paint came off.

Workbench showing more headstock fun & games.  I'm still fooling with getting the bearing bored out.  Its taking so long because I have to go out to my father's and use his SB 9", so I get 1 pass per week and I'm going slowly so I don't open it up too much.  Overdo it and I'll have to bore out the whole thing and fit a brand new bronze bushing... no thanks.

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