With the bottom half of the headstock bolted down I installed the spindle.

The spindle bearing caps were originally spaced from the headstock with .050" thick shim packs made of paper.  I'm replacing them with brass shimstock.  It looks like the bearings are in pretty good shape, with .045" shims in place I can lock the spindle by snugging down the cap bolts.

Then after reassembling the spindle brake, its time to repair the keyway on the power shaft mounted on the top half of the headstock.

I finally found a decent place to put the lathe while I worked on it.  The way to move this lathe is to straddle the headstock end of the lathe with the crane reaching over top to just past the spindle end.  The strap is applied by setting it across the ways, then taking each end up through the bed to the crane's hook.  Once the crane lifts the lathe, its balanced by shifting the tailstock.  When trying to straddle the headstock from the front, the crane's legs tend to rub on the headstock base.

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