I traded my Aloris AXA for a fully equipped Phase II BXA sized toolpost which is nicely sized for this lathe.  I made a new t-nut and bolt- seen here with a homebrew nut I turned so I could test the rig while I waited for the latest McMaster-carr order to arrive with a proper nut.

This version of the lathe is wholly splash lubricated in the headstock, fill through the little brass door seen just behind the spindle bearing cap.  If overfilled, the oil is splashed with enough vigor to run out around the outside of the bearing caps- making a considerable mess until the splashing decreases enough for the oil to stay inside.  Some later model lathes include an oil pump which also feeds the spindle bearings.  I've been giving some thought to adding a pump, filter and manifold with oil drips onto the various gears and shafts.

I re-installed the cleaned, polished and painted thread/feed chart and put on the gear covers too.  I have to work out some kind of shield around the v-belt.  The shifter placards are ready to install- but I keep forgetting to put them on...

Here, the right-hand shift lever is in "neutral"- a handy position I found which frees the spindle from both the input & back-gear shafts, making it easy to spin the chuck.  I still need to track down a chuck w/ MT3 shank for the tailstock.  I did some preliminary work indicating the tailstock and discovered the tailstock ways & base pad were suprisingly unworn.  The tailstock has way wipers on both sides, perhaps thats why.

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