I've been wanting to get the motor installation going for a while.  I bought an adjustable motor mount and used the plate the old motor was set up on to make a new mount.  I also fit a little auxiliary plate to mount the drum switch.  Unfortunately there isn't enough room on the top for the VFD as well, so the current idea is to install it inside the base.

After testing & debugging, I found the cog belt did not have enough of a reduction- this lathe wants something in the range of 3:1 to 4:1 from an 1800 rpm motor to the input.  In high gear, the spindle runs 1:1 with the input shaft.  So I had to return the cog belt to inventory and bought some pulleys.  With the pulleys shown below, I'm running at about 3.2:1.  The pulleys even came in a matching grey.  Nice!

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